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The WORST Chocolate Chip Cookies

The WORST Chocolate Chip Cookies

The WORST Chocolate Chip Cookies

Well these cookies sound just amazing, and they look so perfect, too! Love the secret ingredient, maple syrup! ��

Thank you, Marsha! ��

Do you mix the dough by hand or with mixer on low?

I mix them by hand (though a mixer on low would be fine, too). The melted butter makes them easy to mix.

Love this website! I am trying these cookies tomorrow! Thank you for your quick response.

�� No problem at all! I hope you love the cookies (I have a feeling that you will)!!

These were seriously the best cookies I have ever eaten!!

Sweet! I’m so glad you liked them! ☺️

Sam, these cookies look amazing! Among all the “best ever” cookie recipes, you certainly stand out- I’d totally make any and all sacrifices for the perfect cookie, though �� I love maple syrup in baking, and I’m not surprised they take these to the next level! Pinning ��

Well, I am entitled to one batch without concern or guilt. I laughed so hard reading your cookie description that I lost enough inches off my stomach to eat a plate full. I think you would make a wonderful 5th daughter in my family so let your mom know I am adopting you. Zach can visit and bring the dogs. ��

Haha, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, Pat, and yes you definitely sound entitled to a batch! I’ll pack my bags, I’m already one of 5 daughters (just one brother), so I think I’ll adjust quite nicely ��

This post made me chuckle, and they do look AMAZING!

Thank you, Kerry! I’m glad you enjoyed it! ��

Lovely cookies Sam. Pinning!!!

Thank you, Puja!!

Okay, this totally cracked me up. Also, I am not happy with you right now! Because I am now craving these cookies like no one has ever craved anything in their entire life…! Pinned…pinned 1000 times ��.

I have no idea how I missed your comment earlier, Annie! These cookies are definitely crave-worthy, and thanks so much for pinning!

Well I’m up for the challenge. I’ll make a batch soon and let my husband and son in laws decide. They are truly cookie connoisseurs

I hope you let me know what they think of them! Thanks for commenting, Sue! ��

Oh dear… these do sound like the worst chocolate chip cookies ever! I think I need to avoid them ��

Run away from them if you still can! ��

I laughed all the way through as I read! Especially believing you could actually let cookie dough sit in the refrigerator for half an hour….

Haha, that’s the real joke, right ��

Thank you for commenting! (And seriously though people, chill that dough!)

Made these last night-Amazing! Loved the texture! My new favorite, thx for the recipe ��

Awesome! I’m so glad you liked them! Thanks for commenting ��

Oh my goodness. I will never use another chocolate chip cookie recipe again! At first I was unsure. Very sticky. But I must say, after I got them mixed it was a breeze. This is for sure my new secret recipe! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Yay! So glad that you like them, Emma! Just be careful, they are totally addictive!

Thank you for commenting!! ��

Love this! You’re hilarious, and I can’t wait to feel guilty for eating the entire batch moments after making these.


Thanks, Kassie!

Hey! So I just made these, and I think I followed the directions to a tee! But my dough did not look like yours at all! Mine came out really runny, instead of like dough. I added an extra cup of flour, and it all worked out nicely though. Do you have any idea what I could have messed up on?

Hi, Kassie! Hmmm, while this is a very soft dough (hence the need for chilling) it really should *not* be runny. I make these a lot (just made another batch on Friday) and haven’t encountered this… however, if perhaps the butter was very, very hot it may have melted the sugar, resulting in a runnier dough. The recipe says to let the butter sit for 5 minutes after melting, and this should be sufficient, but if for any reason the butter was exceptionally hot it may have possibly melted your sugar. Other than that I really just don’t know why it was runny, but I’m glad that it worked out nicely for you in the end!

Thanks so much! That was definitely it. I don’t know how you knew, maybe psychic powers, who knows? Anyways, thanks! I’m making them again today. ��

�� I’m glad I could help!! I hope they worked out better for you this time. I added a note to the recipe so that hopefully no one has this same problem in the future, so thank you so much for the feedback! ��

Baking these today with my daughter. Hope they’re good!

Awesome, I’d love to hear how you like them!! ��

Just finished putting in the last batch: definitely a keeper. We went smaller and did a two teaspoon melon baller and they’re the perfect size when done! Daughter and friend liked them, but they’re both four, so any cookie is good to them!

I’m so glad you liked them! Thank you for coming back and commenting, I really appreciate it! ��

They are really the worst! Baked them yesterday for friends, my husband requested a batch just for him! The syrup gives them a delicious golden taste, great recipe!

I told ya ��

So glad that you liked the recipe, and thanks so much for commenting!!

These cookies are YUMMY! You wouldn’t happen to the calories in one would you? I got 48 smaller cookies. ��

I’m really glad you liked them, Carla! I don’t calculate calories on my site, but I know there are websites where you can calculate recipe calories. Here is one I’ve used in the past: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/recipe/calculator

I hope this helps! ��

This is hilarious. I love the way you wrote this! I’ll admit the “worst ever” Pinterest tag pulled me in, and I totally giggled my way through the intro. Clever approach! ��

Also, I pinned them right away because they sound sinfully awesome.

�� I’m glad you enjoyed it, Alison!

Sinfully awesome is right, these things really are trouble.

Thanks for commenting!

What if you don’t have maple syrup but have just pancake syrup not the real stuff?! Will that work or should it be the real deal maple syrup?

Thanks in advanced!

Pancake syrup (like Aunt Jemima or another non pure brand) would be totally fine! ��


This recipe is a keeper. I followed the recipe to a “t” and they came out delicious. I don’t even like chocolate chip cookies and we amazing. The syrup is more like a secret weapon as opposed the a secret ingredient. ��

Thanks for posting.

Awesome! I’m so glad that you like it, Leslie (especially given that you’re not a chocolate chip cookie lover)! Thank you so much for commenting!! ��

I’ve been looking aroumd forever for a good CCC. These were amazing! Thank you so much for posting.

You are very welcome, I’m so glad that you loved them!! ��

Baked a batch with my daughter this afternoon. I like the maple addition. They turned out thin and chewy. Planning a double batch so I can freeze some.

I’m glad that you liked them, Heather! Thanks for commenting!

THESE ARE AMAZING!!!! I love the way you write too! �� So fun! You totally captured me with your title, “WORST Cookies!” So glad I found these! Thank you!

Aren’t they, though!?! :). Thank you so much for commenting, Tira, I’m glad you love the post!!

Wow sam that looks like such a yummy cookie, i want to make it today, how long can i keep the cookie dough in the fridge ? Can i keep it for 4-5 days?

Hi Dana! I haven’t ever kept the dough in the fridge for longer than 2 days, but I think it should be good (tightly covered with plastic wrap) for up to a week. I hope this helps, and I hope you love the cookies! ��

These really are the “worst” cookies ever. We have made them at least 5 times in the last three weeks. WE CAN ‘T STOP EATING THEM. My waist line does not thank you for this recipe but my palate does ��

I warned you!!! ��

So glad you like them!! Thanks for commenting!

you are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! and these cookies are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was able to make about 21 jumbo cookies from one batch and each one is a little piece of Heaven!!!

You’re making me blush!! I’m so glad you loved these cookies, Erika, and thank you so much for coming back to comment!!! ��

Im out for white sugar. Do you think all brown sugar will work?

Hi Anna,

Yes I think that will be fine.

I can not believe that I just wasted my flour, brown sugar, butter etc.

on these AMAZING tasteless cookies!!!! I am not a chocolate chip fan, I think I traumatized myself when I was small by eating to many. I didn’t want to finish my morning oatmeal as my tester cookie was cooling off, Waite no I did not finish my oatmeal. I did finish my tester cookie before baking batches of this heavenly chocolate chip cookie!! They are sensational! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!! I am a picky foodie!!!

Phew, you had me going for a second, haha! I’m so glad that you loved them April! Thank you for commenting!

Do you have a recipe for “The Worst Ever Banana Bread”???? I’ve moved so many times in the last 2 years that I can’t find my best ever recipe for the banana bread����������

Oh no! I’m sorry you lost your recipe, Barbara! I don’t have one for banana bread but I do have a banana cake, I hope this helps!


I went on Pinterest looking for a broccoli cheese soup recipe, and here I am.

I am now about to make my second patch! These cookies are AMAZING! I was very nervous when it came to the maple syrup but they turned out DELICIOUS! My mother was very impressed, which is saying a lot! Will be making these a MILLION more times! Thank You so much for sharing this INCREDIBLE recipe!

Yay! I’m so glad you (AND your mother) enjoyed them! Thanks for commenting, Emily!

OH MY GOODNESS! these look amazing, I am totally making these today ��

You are going to LOVE them! Thanks for commenting, Anna!

Out of curiousity do you use breakfast maple pancake syrup or the real pure maple syrup? Can’t wait to give these a try

I just use the breakfast syrup

These are the bomb cookies. Definitely will be using this recipe again! thanks for sharing

Awesome! I’m so glad you liked them!! ��

And thank you for coming back and commenting to let me know you liked them, I really appreciate that! ��

Just made these tonight to bring to work tomorrow. I was worried because I’ve never actually made chocolate chip cookies before but was very intrigued by your hilarious post. They are AMAZING!! I will definitely stick with the “worst” recipe. These might not make it to my job. ��

I am SO glad that you loved them, Kelly (not to mention so honored that this was the first chocolate chip cookie recipe that you made!)! I totally don’t blame you if you eat the whole batch before you get to work, either ��

Thank you so much for commenting!!

My son and I made these yesterday morning. He and my husband both love chocolate, me…not so much. That being said, it’s a very good thing this recipe yields so many cookies. Holy cow. They’re out of this world. This morning, I put three cookies in with my husband’s lunch. At 11:00 AM he text and said the cookies didn’t make it til the lunch hour. Ha! I cannot wait til we go home for the holidays and I can wow the rest of our family with this recipe. Thank you so, so much for sharing.

This makes me so happy to hear (or… read)! I’m so so glad that you and your family loved them and that you’ll be making the recipe again for the holidays! Thank you SO much for commenting and letting me know how you liked them, Dani! ��

I wanted to let you know these cookies were a big hit at work. Several said it was the best chocolate chip cookie they ever had and wanted the recipe. I told them to search for the “worst” chocolate chip cookie recipe on pinterest. They thought I was crazy.

Haha at least the name makes it easy to find! ��

I’m so glad that you and your coworkers enjoyed these, Kelly! Thanks for letting me know! ��

These look awful. Terrible. Dare I say, horrible.

So, uh…if someone were living alone and wanted to make a smaller batch, could they halve the amounts of the recipe? Just…asking for a friend…with no concept of good taste…you know…

And if you think they look bad, just wait til you taste then… Absolutely dreadful.

You can definitely halve the recipe! I’ve done it many times (and then I always seem to make another half-batch, totally defeating the purpose).

This is probably the most unsuccessful recipe I have ever seen lol

Okay…so let me start by saying that my little guy (not quite 2 years old) and I have taken it upon ourselves to go on the hunt for our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. It’s a daunting, tough task but we decided we were up for the challenge �� My little guy loves using the “round round” (mixer) and is the designated chocolate chip dumper. Now…on to these cookies! As an avid baker myself, I’ve tried countless recipes over the years and have read and analyzed probably hundreds more. When I came across yours, I was drawn in initially by the name, then the photography, and most importantly…the maple syrup. That totally had me intrigued so it moved to the top of my “to bake” list and we tackled them yesterday. I do believe they are our new family favorite!!!!! The slight crunch on the outside, chewy chocolatey goodness on the inside, and an extra hint of caramel thanks to the maple syrup and brown sugar. The only change I made was to sprinkle the tops with some Maldon salt since I’m a sucker for the sweet/salty combo. I also had a little trouble with them spreading more than I would have liked, but that was likely my fault for not chilling the dough longer.

I’m so glad that these cookies made it onto your list to try!! And even happier (and so honored!) that you and your family consider them a favorite!! The addition of Maldon salt on top sounds absolutely incredible (I’m a sweet/salty fan, myself) and I’m going to have to try that myself. Thanks so much for commenting and letting me know how the recipe turned out, Katie!


The fact that your son calls the mixer a “round round” just completely made my day, that is just too cute! ��

Ok so every time I make chocolate chip cookies they always puff up and can never get them nice and flat. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?

Hmm, so you made these cookies and they were puffy? That is strange… are you measuring the flour correctly (use a spoon to transfer it to the measuring cup and then level it off… if you are scooping it you may end up with more flour than you should be using)? That is the only thing I can think of that would make these cookies puffy if all other instructions are followed. Good luck!

Mine turned out so puffy and cake like as well �� I can’t figure out what I did wrong. I’m wondering if it has to do with over mixing the butter and sugar?? I used a wooden spoon but had to mix quite a bit because the brown sugar kept clumping up. P.S. They were still delicious, I’m just a sucker for flat,chewy cookies!

That’s so strange, mine always flatten. If your butter was melted I don’t think it would be from overmixing the butter/sugar. Strange!

I wanted to wait to rate until I actually made them. The write up and pictures were so good I made them that night. �� These are the bomb cookies! The whole family loved them and at work they were a hit too! Go get your comfy pants on and make these cookies!!!!

Awesome, I’m so glad that you loved them, Shay! Thanks for coming back and commenting!! ��

It says kayro syrup. Do you use light or dark or does it matter?

Hi Lindsi, just regular maple syrup (pancake syrup, such as aunt Jemima). I haven’t tried it with Kayro syrup.

Your writing skills are killer! Thanks for the laugh, and I’m sure in advance for the recipe!

�� thank you so much, Rhonda! I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

I’ve been looking for the ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe for a while, and this is it. These are fantastic �� Just curious – what made you want to use maple syrup in them? It’s an interesting addition.

I’m so glad you liked them, Tricia! I’d been working on creating the *perfect* chocolate chip recipe for a long time, but everything seemed to fall short of perfection. A few months prior, though, I had made brown sugar/maple cookies, and I remembered loving the texture and flavor that the maple syrup added, so I decided to try it here, and it worked beautifully! �� Thanks for commenting!

I am a CCC hater. I always hope that will change with the right recipe. I am on a never ending hunt for “the perfect recipe”. I was truly hoping I had found it this time. While I absolutely love the flavor, my cookies just didn’t turn out. I followed the directions exactly. And my cookies were flat and crunchy. I made them again this time trying more flour, nope same result. I read all these comments about them turning out perfect and am a little baffled why mine aren’t. Any thoughts? Butter sitting 5 min or longer, yep. room temp eggs, yep. I even bought the fancy maple syrup.

Hi Liz! Hmm, I’m racking my brain right now trying to figure this out. I’ve made these cookies SO many times and they’re always soft and chewy, and they’re not the puffiest cookies but they’re certainly not flat.

Here are a couple of possibilities on where things may have gone wrong:

1) Bad/old baking powder or baking soda — If your baking powder is expired or ill-kept it could cause your cookies to totally flatten

2) Did you chill the dough for the full 30 minutes? If it’s not chilled, the cookies could spread more than they are supposed to. Also, when you shape the cookie dough, make the balls almost egg-shaped — taller than they are wide.

3) Did you use parchment paper? While these cookies *can* be made on just an ungreased cookie sheet sans parchment paper, if you happened to use a particularly dark pan it could bake the cookies too quickly and cause them to spread too thin and overbake (the same thing applies if you were to place your cookie dough on a too-warm cookie sheet that hasn’t had time to cool from the previous batch, but if this were the case for you I would expect at least your first batch to be soft and chewy).

4) Is your oven temperature reading correctly? I used to have an oven that ran 25 degrees higher than it said it was! This could cause cookie dough to spread too much, resulting in flat crispy cookies. I recommend keeping an oven thermometer in your oven to make sure the temperature is accurate, if possible.

5) This recipe makes fairly large cookies. If you made your cookies smaller than the indicated 2-3 Tbsp, try reducing the baking time. When the cookies are done, they’ll appear to still be a bit underbaked, and they’ll finish baking completely on the pan as they cool.

Sorry for such a long response, but I really hope these help. These cookies are seriously my favorite and I make them all the time, so I hope they turn out nice and soft for you, if you decide to try them again!

Salted or Unsalted Butter?

Unsalted. If you only have salted you can use that, though, just reduce the salt to 1/2 tsp

That was a great blog post! I love the angle you used!

Thanks Elaine! Just exposing these cookies for what they really are! ��

I love any kind of homemade chocolate chip cookies! Don’t even mention the “Chips AWHAT” cookie! (They are not even tempting to me)

I bet you will ADORE these then, Eunice! Thanks for commenting!! ��

Lmao I was looking through pinterest for cookies and I saw the title thinking why would this person post the worst cookies

So I was curious and read your story you had me

I’m going to try these thank you for the humor

Haha, I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Tonya! Thanks for reading, and for commenting! ��

Your blog tittle pulled me in right away! Waiting the 30 minutes was the hardest, I was on my way to the fridge, cookie scoop in hand as the time went off! Then I had to wait fir what seems like forever before I could try one. I think I looked in the oven at least 3 times while the first batch was baking. They looked so amazing coming out of the oven, I was really afraid they would be too flat. Then I FINALLY got to try one…. oh. my. word. My days of trying to find the perfect CCC recipe are over. These are AMAZING. Thanks so much for sharing!

Oh man, I know that pain of having to wait for them to chill too well! It’s TORTURE!

I am so, SO glad that you loved them, Kate!! Thanks so much for coming back to comment, too! ��

Best . Chocolate. Chip. Cookies. Ever! Someone brought these to a potluck at work today and I’m hooked!

Awesome! I’m so glad you loved them! Thanks for letting me know, Shaun!! ��

If you melt half the butter then cut in the rest, it cools the butter to a good temp. These taste delicious. I do not taste the extra golden from the maple syrup but I’ll bet pancake syrup does add a flavor. I might try it that way next time, just out of curiosity.

Also, I forgot to mention, I substituted non-dairy margarine, as I do in all my baking. The substitution worked great; no need for combined margarine/crisco like in some recipes. I had to laugh at the chips ahoy comments; one of my children claims he’s spoiled–he hates packaged cookies, and would rather pass at a school party than eat them. I am a cookie connoisseur and bake cookies all the time so I understand what he’s saying but I didn’t want my kids to be cookie snobs ��

I’m glad to hear the substitution worked! I’m always very hesitant when it comes to subbing margarine for butter. Your son is lucky to have a mom who bakes him cookies all the time, and he sounds like a child after my own heart ��

Great tip, Sara, thank you for sharing! I’m so glad you enjoyed them, thanks for commenting!

Hi Sam, I stumbled upon this recipe as I was looking for cookies my daughter could make for teacher appreciation week, and was won by your description( who doesn’t want soul destroying deliciousness). I followed the recipe to the T and it was perfectly horrifying. They were gobbled up right as they came out of the oven and we were barley able to scrape enough together to make the gifts for her teachers. Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous recipes that will forever live in my cookie repertoire.

That’s awesome, Alli! I’m glad they came out perfectly horrifying for you ��

Thanks for coming back and letting me know, and I’m honored that you’ll be saving the recipe in your repertoire!

So excited from reading all the comments. I am about to whip up a batch of these Worst Chocolate Chip Cookies… I will let you know shortly… Thanks in Advance

I can’t wait to hear how you like them!

Do you flatten your cookies at all before baking or leave them in balls to flatten on their own? My dough is chilling right now and I cannot stop munching on it! Maybe I won’t bake them after all… ��

Hi Stephanie! They flatten out on their own, in fact I make the balls of dough extra tall (more egg-shaped than round) to keep them from flattening too much. Isn’t that dough addicting! I’m not sure what’s better, the dough before or after it’s baked, so I hear you ��

It is delicious! I made them vegan for my son with food allergies so we’ll see how this goes �� First batch in!

So i’m bringing these for my grandmas staff. Is this a bad idea (are they never going to eat normal cookies again)???

Unfortunately it will probably ruin them for life.

I made these, followed the directions EXACTLY, got a soft by not runny dough, chilled and everything- and yours just look thicker than mine- they got really flat when I baked them. Any tips?

Hi Kim!

These cookies aren’t super puffy and thick, but they shouldn’t be extremely flat, either. Since you said you followed the instructions exactly I’ll assume you didn’t substitute the butter for margarine and you allowed the butter to cool well enough before melting, those would be the most likely culprits for too-flat cookies.

Another reader had a similar problem, so I’m going to copy and paste my response of possible things that may have gone wrong here:

1) Bad/old baking powder or baking soda — If your baking powder is expired or ill-kept it could cause your cookies to totally flatten

2) Did you chill the dough for the full 30 minutes? If it’s not chilled, the cookies could spread more than they are supposed to. Also, when you shape the cookie dough, make the balls almost egg-shaped — taller than they are wide. (the first part of this wouldn’t apply to you since you said you chilled the dough)

3) Did you use parchment paper? While these cookies *can* be made on just an ungreased cookie sheet sans parchment paper, if you happened to use a particularly dark pan it could bake the cookies too quickly and cause them to spread too thin and overbake (the same thing applies if you were to place your cookie dough on a too-warm cookie sheet that hasn’t had time to cool from the previous batch, but if this were the case for you I would expect at least your first batch to be soft and chewy).

4) Is your oven temperature reading correctly? I used to have an oven that ran 25 degrees higher than it said it was! This could cause cookie dough to spread too much, resulting in flat cookies. I recommend keeping an oven thermometer in your oven to make sure the temperature is accurate, if possible.

5) This recipe makes fairly large cookies. If you made your cookies smaller than the indicated 2-3 Tbsp, try reducing the baking time. When the cookies are done, they’ll appear to still be a bit underbaked, and they’ll finish baking completely on the pan as they cool.

Sorry this is so long but I really hope these tips help! You could also try adding an extra tsp or two of cornstarch, which always helps puff up cookies a bit.

OMG! These are the best chocolate chip cookies I ever had! I just made them and they came out perfectly! Thanks so much for the recipe; these are the only chocolate chip cookies I will make from now on!

Awesome!!! I’m so glad you loved them, Jill! They are my favorites, too! ��

So I followed this recipe to a T. I cooked the butter to just over a minute. I set a timer once the butter was out of the microwave. I mixed everything like you said. Chilled the dough. Scooped two tablespoons out for each cookie. And it cooked flat and now is just a big dough blob on my pan! Didn’t rise or anything. I didn’t flatten the cookies or anything. This is the worst recipe I’ve made. I’ve never had a cookie do this. Do you know what might have happened. I just threw the entire batch in the trash!

Hi Paige,

After a minute of cooking the butter, was it very hot? I know all microwaves are different but if I microwaved butter in my microwave for a full minute it would be extremely hot, and 5 minutes may not be enough to cool it completely, and this may have something to do with your cookies spreading (if it’s too hot when combined with the sugar, the sugar may melt and the cookies will spread).

However, If everything was measured right and the butter was cooled appropriately and no substitutions were made (such as using margarine instead of butter) I suspect this is probably a problem with bad baking powder/baking soda. Your oven may also be cooking at a higher temperature than it is reading. If you look through the comments, someone else had an issue with their cookies spreading and I left a detailed list of things that may have gone wrong. I hope that these tips help! These cookies have been tested many, many (SO MANY) times and I haven’t had this issue.

Fantastic recipe! I’ve been making chocolate chip cookies for decades now and these are some of the best I’ve ever had. Nice job on them and I love the addition of syrup! Even when you know it’s in there, it’s hard to tell, but you know something is a tiny bit different. Loved them. Just loved them. My husband said they were some of the best he’s ever had too. I had to send my kids to bed so they didn’t eat the rest of them! I had zero issues with the recipe and I’ll be making them again. And funny post too by the way.

Wonderful! I’m so glad that you liked them so much, Amy! They’re definitely a favorite with my family, too. Thank you so much for coming back and commenting, I really appreciate it! ��

I am on my second batch in less tHan a week.. the above description is 100% TRUE! These cookies are dangerous! Thanks for sharing Sam!!

This makes me so happy to hear! So glad that you loved them, Melly!! ��

Hi just wondering if you ever made these with m&m’s?

I haven’t, but I think an even substitution of m&ms for the chocolate chips would work out perfectly!

I can’t wait to make these! Dumb question but does the recipe call for unsalted butter or just regular butter?

Unsalted, but if you only have salted butter that’s perfectly fine, just reduce the salt in the recipe to only 1/2 tsp instead of 1 tsp. I hope you love them!

Today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie day – NOT THAT I NEED A REASON! These are a perfect solution to the snow that showed up today!

Omg! I didn’t even know! And snow!? Are you in the US, because snow in May should be criminal?!

Actually just National Chocolate Chip day…but a good reason to bake some Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Made these today. Awesome recipe. Only took me about 15 minutes to put together. This will be my go to recipe for cookies now! Thank you.

Awesome! So glad you loved them, thank you for coming back and commenting to let me know!! ��

Will definitely try this recipe next weekend. ^_^

Awesome, I hope you love it! ��

I had high hopes for these cookies! The dough truly was delicious, they baked up beautifully, tasted so good out of the oven…….then they got rock hard! Any thoughts? I adjusted them slightly for high altitude.

Omg! I have no idea why they might have gotten hard, mine stay soft for days (a big reason I love them so much). I don’t know much about high altitude baking, but I’d suggest removing them from the oven when they still seem just slightly underbaked and allowing them to cool completely and finish baking on the pan. Still,though, between the cornstarch and syrup and melted butter they should stay soft unless they’re really over baked, so it’s strange.

I hope that helps!

Add pudding to the mix or store it in Tupperware with a slice of bread.

If you allowed these to cool completely on the pan, try only allowing them to cool long enough to firm up enough to get the spatula underneath them without smooshing them. That’s what I do, and my cookies stay soft forever and ever amen.

Amazingly well-written!

�� Thank you so much, Kristen! I am glad you enjoyed it.

I saved this to Pinterest, but I had no idea I’d be trying them so soon. �� So I’m back. The fam and I decided to picnic tomorrow, so I used my favorite peanut butter oatmeal cookie recipe and then decided to try this one. I have a favorite CCC recipe that I’ve been using forever, but the syrup was an intriguing idea, so I couldn’t let it slip by. And oh, my, are they delicious. And pretty. I don’t know if I prefer these or the other ones I usually make. I might have to start just making a half batch of each when I want CC cookies.

I’m so glad that you liked them, Kristen! And that they rank up there with your favorites! Thanks so much for coming back and commenting, Kristen! �� �� ��

Awesome, awesome, awesome. Let me tell you, I always seemed to mess up chocolate chip cookies, until your recipe. I literally just had 2 and couldn’t wait for them to cool. Batch 2 is in oven as I type. I did change (but not anything major).. I added Mac nuts and to half batch I added coconut (hubby hates coconut). Amaaaaaaazing. Love your recipe and my cookies came out pretty and perfect.

That really is awesome, Heather! ��

I’m so glad you loved them and yum the nuts and coconut sound like a great addition (my husband also hates coconut, so I’d have to do it as a half batch, too).

Thanks so much for letting me know how they turned out!!

I made a batch of these and I’ll tell you my results. After the 30 minute wait I took them out and baked them in a 350 degree oven for 13 minutes on my top rack. They came out very flat. They had crispy edges and were soft centers but still very flat. The second tray I made I put in the direct center of the oven and then the cookie was a little bit puffier but not much and the edges were darker (at this point my daughter loved them and couldn’t stop eating them). At this point I decided they needed refrigeration for a full 24 hours because I wanted them to look like your cookies in the picture. So the next day I lowered the heat to 325 degrees and put them in the dead center of the oven and baked them for 6 minutes then turned the pan and baked another 6 minutes and they came out perfect. This is not my ideal chocolate chip cookie because I like a thick chewy soft cookie but I had to try because of your clever wording. This is extremely good if you like your cookies thin with a crsp exterior and chewy middle. I thought we’d take the cookies that were extra crisp and we made ice sandwiches with them. They were fantastic! Hopes this helps the people that had too much spreading when baked. Just refrigerate your dough longer. I made the dough scooped it out then refrigerated so I wouldn’t have to ball hard dough.

Thank you so much for this feedback, Renee! I’m glad that the extra refrigeration worked out so well, and I’m sure other people will appreciate these tips. One thing I might suggest, though, would be keeping the temperature at 350 rather than reducing it to 325, as the lower temperature actually could cause the cookies to spread more than they would otherwise (I know that may seem a bit counter-intuitive). However, if you are looking for that crisp exterior and very soft center the lower temperature is a great idea!

Thank you so much for taking the time to give this feedback, and I’m glad that ultimately you were happy with them (and making ice cream sandwiches sounds like a FANTASTIC way to use up the crisper cookies!)! ��

Sam I have a convection oven so I’m supposed to turn down the temperature by 25 degrees with every recipe. Also today the cookies were not crisp and super soft and chewy. My daughter says they are crack. I wish I could add a pic of how pretty they are. Thanks for the recipe.

Oh, I see, thank you for explaining! I’m glad to hear that they are still nice and chewy, I totally agree with your daughter �� Thank you, Renee, I really appreciate your comments!! ��

I just made these today and they are AMAZING!!!! I can’t stop eating them. This is not good. Worst cookies ever!!!! Lol.

Haha, I warned you!! Thanks for commenting, Ashley! ��

If I wanted to lessen the amount of chocolate chips, would I need to adjust anything in the recipe or cooking time?

I’m very excited to try these… I am always on the search for the best chocolate chip cookie!

Nope, keep everything else the same ��

I hope you love them, Lacey!!

OMG!!!! You warned us, but I had no idea how very, very bad these could be. They are by far the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had! My family and co-workers absolutely loved these and want me to make them all the time. Now I crave them just like you said. Loved your post and thank you for sharing this recipe.

Haha! I did warn you ��

I’m so, so glad that you, your family, and your co-workers loved them, Angela! Thanks so much for commenting and letting me know, I really do appreciate it ��

These just came out of the oven and good grief they are amazing! We baked half of the dough and froze the rest, but I’m sure that it won’t stay in the freezer for long. Thanks for sharing!

I’m so glad to hear it! Yeah that cookie dough doesn’t stay around for long ��

Thank you for commenting, Sam (it feels weird writing to another Sam, haha)!! ��

Ok, so back on May 5th, I wrote that I was going to try the cookies with pancake syrup to see if the artificial maple syrup flavor lends any more caramelized flavor. My final synopsis is: Stick with the regular maple syrup, if you can; the flavor is better. Also, I learned that my 2nd oven (Yes, I am spoiled with 2 ovens but I cook every day and never eat out. A family of 8 eats a lot of food so I appreciate the luxury that my neighbor afforded me when she moved away-a 2nd oven), which is great for cooking foods like meat, fish, rice–you know the boring food groups, is not so great at baking the best food group, cookies, (sigh), now I need to get an oven thermometer. Either way, I still will make these again but will definitely stick with real maple syrup. By the way, I doubled the recipe and used a small cookie scoop and made aprox 16 dozen cookies. These remind me of Entemann’s–a flavor of my youth ��

Thank you for the feedback, Sara! I am super jealous of your second oven, I keep telling my husband that our next house HAS to have two ovens! I’m glad that you liked them enough to make again, and thank you so much for coming back and commenting! ��

Oven was off by 30(!) degrees…now trying a 3rd time! Real maple syrup, still parve margarine. Good thing people (read neighbors, sisters…) raid my freezer on a regular basis; I’ve got a lot to go round.

OOOOHHH MY! Yes, please! Quick question- did you use salted, or unsalted, butter? I was just about to grab the ingredients to make these, and have both types in my fridge, so figured it best to ask before I use one over the other… ��

Disregard! I just searched for the word butter (figured I wasn’t the only person who had asked… lol) and found my answer! I’m “BTWCCCE” (before the worst chocolate chip cookies ever), but the butters out and I’m excited to get these started!! YUM!!! I’ll post my “ATWCCCE” (after the worst chocolate chip cookies ever) soon ��

Glad your found the answer, Erin! Can’t wait to hear how you like them!!!! �� ��

I added 3 ripe bananas and took out 3 tbs of butter and they turned out sooooo delicious!

I never would’ve thought to add bananas, great idea! Thanks for coming back and commenting, Kaitlynd! ��

How funny, you are my new favorite blog!

Well thank you, Amanda! ��

Ugh these are definitely the worst cookies EVER! I ate so much cookie dough and now I’ve eaten six cookies in the past four hours. I need to stop but I can’t.

But really, this is such an amazing recipe. Awesome job!

Haha I warned you, they’re bad news! ��

Thanks so much for commenting, Breanna, I’m glad you liked the recipe!!

Ok, I just finished making these cookies.

First off, I was super excited to find a recipe that has so many awesome reviews. Reviews mean everything to me when I try out new recipes. Second, I was also really skeptical and scared, mostly because I live in Colorado and the high altitude almost always messes with my cookie recipes.

These cookies are freaking perfect.

My regular “go to” recipe for ccc also calls for melted butter, and while the taste is incredible, I’ve always had trouble getting them to not flatten out, even when I chill the dough. These ones were perfect though. I followed this recipe exactly and the dough was definitely not runny. In fact when I added in the flour mixture I thought it was going to be too dry at first. It ended up being just the right consistency. I chilled it for about an hour, maybe an hour and a half, because I was eating my lunch at the time. I didn’t make them quite so big, about a Tblsp or a little more each, and I only baked them for 8 minutes which was the perfect amount of time in my oven, and let them cool on the cookie sheet. I also baked them at 325 because my oven can sometimes get too hot I think. But yes, they turned out exactly how I wanted, light and puffy, and didn’t fall flat after I pulled them out (like most of the recipes I try do).

I will definitely recommend this recipe to my family and friends now! Thank you so much for posting!

Hi Hayley! I’m all about the reviews when trying a new recipe out, too, so I really appreciate every comment that’s been left on this post! I am THRILLED that these turned out for you, especially at high altitude! Thank you so much for leaving a comment, and I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend! �� ��

Sigh…I’ve made these cookies a few times now. First time, exactly as written. Next couple of times I varied the size to see what the yields would be. I sigh, because this recipe has now replaced my most requested chocolate chip cookie recipe (that I worked for a couple of years on perfecting and won several blind taste tests among friends and strangers). Alas…it is now shelved for a while so I can make these gorgeous, wonderful cookies. They are going to make their farmers market premier tomorrow – I always offer a chocolate chip cookie and last year it was a sea salt variety. Will be interested to see how my customers react to this recipe…I imagine they’ll love it as much as I do!

I have to tell you, Wendy, this comment actually really made my day! I am so, SO honored that you loved these cookies so much, especially given that it sounds like you have your own amazing recipe! I hope that everyone loves them at the farmer’s market, and thank you so, so much for commenting! Have a wonderful weekend! ��

Mine didn’t fall flat like yours in the pic! I only had them in the fridge for 25 minutes too. Can you add pic before you put them in the oven?! Maybe we should have flattened them slightly before putting in oven? Taste was great though.

Hi Suzy! Hmm, I’m surprised yours didn’t flatten more. I don’t have a picture right at this moment, but mine kind of look like eggs standing on end when I put them in the oven — I actually make them taller than they are wide so that they don’t flatten TOO much. If yours didn’t flatten then feel free to flatten them a bit before they go in the oven, but it is curious they didn’t do it on their own… I’m puzzled! I suppose it’s possible that the flour was measured too heavy, like if it was scooped/packed into the cup instead of spooned in and leveled that *may* have contributed to this, but that’s just a guess. I’m glad that you enjoyed the taste, though!

These are the long-lost chocolate chip cookies I have been searching high and low for and for many years! I was never satisfied-BEFORE. Thank you!!! Not only for solving the puzzle, but for intriguing me with your “Worst” chocolate chip cookie recipe and your very entertaining (to say the least) commentary.

I followed the receipt to the T, except for using a 1/4 measuring cup for measuring out and shaping. Mine fell beautifully, were crisp on the edges and sumptuously soft in the middle. Perfection!

Again, I thank you and my family thank you!!!

YES I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed these cookies (and the post)! It’s my pleasure to share, and thanks so much for coming back and commenting! �� ��

I made these cookies last week and they are, indeed, deadly good! They came out exactly like the picture. I was nervous initially because my batter was actually pretty stiff when everyone here has described their batter as being runny! For anyone who has issues with the cookies looking flat, what I did was that I used my oxo medium sized cookie scooper and put one scoop on top of another, then molded them together and pressed down a bit. Definitely an amazing cookie.

Awesome! I’m so glad that you loved them and that they turned out perfectly! Thanks so much for coming back and commenting! �� ��

I just made these and sorry to say I did not like them. The maple syrup (I used pure maple syrup) made the cookies taste “fishy”. They also burned very easily and baked very flat (even though I refrigerated them for your specified time, or even longer). When cooled they were like cardboard. Did not look like the ones you pictured. Sorry.

That’s alright Donna, everyone has different tastes! I’d check your leaveners though to make sure they’re still good, the cookies shouldn’t be too flat and they’re definitely nice and soft when cooled (not cardboard-like).

I have to say, if these did not turn out for you, it was not the recipe. They are perfect!

These really are the “worst!” I just made them and they are so good I was eating the batter, and now eating the cookies two at a time… I don’t think they will last through the night. Thank you for the recipe even though now I’m going to gain all the weight back that I lost. Lol

Haha, I warned you! ��

I’m so glad that you loved them Amanda, and thank you for coming back and commenting to let me know!! ��

Hmm I couldn’t get it to let me click 5 stars. But it is! These are fantastic I have made these many times, they have a beautiful finish and a great crunchy outside and the perfect softness inside! These sold great at my culinary class’s bake sale!

I’m so glad that you loved them, Katie! They’re my favorites and I love that they sold well, that makes me so happy to hear! Thanks for commenting, and I’ll look into why it’s not letting you give a rating but I appreciate the attempt at 5 stars! ��

I hope to try these very soon. Love recipes using maple syrup as we made 27 litres of it this spring. May put off making the cookies for a couple of days as temperatures going to 30 degreesC today, too hot for cookies.

OMG, that’s a lot of maple syrup! I hope you love the cookies once the temperatures come down a bit. Thanks for commenting Kathy!

These are fantastic! My dad said they were the best he’s ever had and quickly proceeded to back peddle since he said it in front of my mother. Thankfully, she let him live and agreed they are the best she’s ever had as well. This recipe is a keeper! Can’t wait to try some of the others on your site.

Haha! I’m so glad that you and your parents love them (and that your mother didn’t kill your father!). Thanks so much for commenting, Suzanne! ��

I am definitely NOT much of a baker. I prefer cooking over baking but was really wanting to try my hand at homemade cookies. I came across this recipe and it looked great and the reviews were fantastic. So I tried my hand at it, and it did NOT disappoint! The cookie dough made 32 cookies that were the most chewy and moist cookies I’ve ever had. I’ll continue using this as my go-to cookie recipe for years to come!

That is awesome, Taylor, I’m glad that it worked so well for you!! Thanks for commenting! ��

Sam your description and name of your cookies is very creative. I just made a batch of these and you are not exaggerating, they are amazing. My elderly father ( aka Cookie Monster) and my 25 yr old are enjoying them right now. I always HATE when I read recipe reviews and someone says ” I made these but I changed ….” but here I go ! I really didn’t CHANGE anything, I just added a handful of toasted pecans chopped up because my husband loves nuts in cookies and before baking just a few ( three or four) grains of coarse Kosher salt on top to feed our sweet/salty cravings. I did push a few chips onto each while they were cooling, definitely makes them pretty ! Thanks for the great recipe.

Hi Catherine! I’m so glad you and your family enjoyed the cookies so much! And I think your additions sound amazing, especially the addition of salt! Thanks so much for commenting!! ��

Hey there!

I wanted to make these cookies again but I ran out of flour, can I use cake pastry flour instead and how much would I be using?


Hi Mimi! So, I’ve never tried it with cake flour before (or do you mean pastry flour? I see you say cake pastry, but I think you mean one or the other), but I did find this link online (http://www.joyofbaking.com/flour.html) that says you can use 1 cup + 2 Tbsp cake flour for every 1 cup of all-purpose flour that is called for.

So, according to the site I referenced, that would mean adding an extra 6.5 Tbsp (which comes out to a total of 3 1/2 cups + 2 1/2 Tbsp cake flour for the entire recipe). However, if you mean pastry flour, this would be different, I’d have to look into that. I’ve never tried it this way so I can’t make any guarantees on how this will turn out, but I would love to hear how it works if you do try it!

Hey Sam!

On my Robin Hood brand flour, it says cake & pastry flour! I’m not great with baking so I’m a little afraid of trying and it not turning out as yummy as last time! I’m not entirely sure why the bag of flour mentions both cake & party on the label!

Hmm, interesting, I haven’t seen that before! I did some googling on this brand, though, and it sounds like it would be the same substitution as I mentioned in my last comment (this source: http://sweetapolita.com/2012/01/bring-me-flours/ seems to be saying it’s the same as cake flour, if I understand correctly). However, I also read that it is possible that this substitution may make for a more crumbly cookie.

So, I’m truly sorry I can’t give you a clearer answer, it’s just that I’m not familiar with this particular flour and haven’t tried this recipe with cake flour so I can’t be certain, but from what I’ve read it *should* be OK, but possibly a bit more crumbly (these are soft cookies though, so I think they’d hold up pretty well). So sorry for all of the uncertainty, Mimi!

Not a worry! Thanks so much for all your help! you’re such a gem ��

So helpful! Although it’s late where I’m from, I may just have to run to the store to grab some AP flour instead!!!

I’m glad to help (just wish I could’ve been more certain and more helpful)! Thanks, Mimi!

Just made these yesterday. They are really great cookies, and believe me, I’ve tried MANY chocolate chip cookies. Love the addition of maple syrup. Anytime there is a “different” ingredient in a recipe, I’m gonna try it. I will try sprinkling some kosher salt on top of my next batch as I also enjoy salty and sweet combo. I added 1/4 cup more flour as my dough was quite sticky. YUMMY cookies. Will definitely make again. Thanks so much for the recipe and I LOVE your blog. ��

Thanks, Julie! I’m so glad that you loved them, and I love the idea of kosher salt on top… YUM! Thanks for commenting (and I’m sorry about the delayed response, somehow this comments slipped past me)!

I despise blog recipes where I have to read forever or scroll on and on just to get to the recipe… However Sam, your writing was as appealing as your cookie recipe – which I’d go bake right now if it weren’t after midnight! Thank you for the very enjoyable read; I’m anxious to read more from you ��

Hi Joy! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! I hope you get a chance to try out the cookies, and thank you for commenting (and reading)! ��

Can’t wait to try these! What do you think about using M&M’s instead of chips? Got some red, white, and blue for the holiday and was thinking thos might work with your cookie base? Thanks.

Hi Maria! I think that would work great! Just substitute the m&ms in equal amount for the chocolate chips (or do a mix of chips and m&ms). I hope you love them as much as I do!! ��

Made these for church. Did not chill them. They were a huge hit!

Awesome! So glad you liked them, and thanks for coming back and commenting! ��

Just made these with my 10 year old daughter this evening. She laughed at the name but we have all concluded that they are delicious. Thank you for sharing.

I’m glad you both enjoyed them, Michelle! Thank you so much for coming back and commenting, I really appreciate it! ��

I need these homewreckers in my life!

Yeah you do! ��

I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect chocolate chip cookie for over a year now, trying new recipes every time I bake cookies, but now the hunt is over! These are seriously the BEST chocolate chip cookies on Pinterest. Maybe the internet. Thank you so much!

I’m so glad that you enjoyed them, Mackenzie!! ��

These cookies were crazy good! My new favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. Thank you for sharing.

Im so glad you enjoyed them Sophy! Thank you for commenting! ��

Wow! These were A-MAZ-ing. I’ve been cooking up Pintrest cookie batches for months trying to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie, and the WORST cookie recipe turns out to be The One. Thanks for nothing! JK!

I made a small change: I mixed 1 cup semisweet chocolate chips in with 1/2 c milk chocolate chips and half cup peanut butter chips. The pb chips just give it a little some’n some’n. Then instead of adding more chips to the top while they are still hot from the oven, I dunked the top of the cookie dough ball into a bowl of the variety of chips mixed together before putting the dough ball on the cookie sheet. C’est magnifique! Thanks for such an awesome wicked recipe!

That’s awesome, I’m glad to hear that you liked them so much! I love the idea of the addition of PB chips, haven’t tried them that way myself but I might just have to now. Thanks so much for coming back and letting me know how they turned out for you! ��

I am that cookie snob and I adore CCC (chocolate chip cookies). I also love to bake which is quite convenient. I love how you write your recipes. With 5 kids in the house my cookies don’t last long (when I share them!) I’ve made your recipe far too many times now and the family loves them. I have a new go to CCC recipe. I use a whoopie pie cookie pan to bake them in and they turn out “deep dish” which makes them waaaaaaay better! As a maple syrup hobby producer we live to try new recipes with maple! This one ROCKS! I’m trying tonightS batch on the Traeger (BBQ/Smoker) – could be interesting!

Hi Stacy! That is awesome, I love that you use a whoopie pie pan! I can only imagine how nice and thick and soft they are that way! Thanks for commenting, and I would LOVE to hear how tonight’s batch turns out — that sounds so good!

My grandchildren are visiting for a week, so, since a grandmother has to have fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, I decided to try these. Maple syrup? Ok! They are very good cookies, but they are almost tooth breaking hard! It was a big disappointment. We were hoping for soft cookies. Won’t be making them again.

Hi Loretta,

I’m so sorry that the cookies didn’t turn out for you. I’m wondering if anything could have perhaps gone wrong in the baking process? Were any substitutions made? I’ve made these cookies dozens of times and my favorite thing about them is that they are so very soft. Might they have been baked too long? To make these cookies nice and soft they should come out of the oven still seeming a bit under-baked. If you have any questions about specifics I’d be happy to help troubleshoot!

Do you know if these cookies (baked) freeze well? (If I can manage not to eat them all!) or if the uncooked dough freezes better? Just made the dough! Can’t wait to try them!

I haven’t frozen either the dough or the cookies before but I think it would be better to freeze the dough rather than the baked cookies. I hope this helps, and I hope you love them! ��

Cookies came out great! I baked some right away and the rest I rolled into balls and froze on a cookie sheet wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and foil. When I was ready to bake I let them sit at room temp about 10-15 mins first. Will be making again soon!

That’s great! I’m glad you enjoyed them, and thank you for coming back and commenting! ��

Know any substitute for corn starch?? I really want to make these

Hi Court, I’m sorry but I’d really recommend using corn starch, it helps make them soft and I can’t think of a good substitute.

I just left it out and they’re perfect. Wonderful recipe!

Oh fantastic, I’m so glad that they still turned out! Thank you for commenting! ��

Hi Sam. I just saw these on Instagram and can’t wait to try them. I took a fast look at your blog and will have to go back and look through it more thoroughly (I’m at work now) – looks like lots of yummy treats to bake!

Thank you, Annette! I hope you love the cookies and the rest of my recipes, and thank you so much for commenting! ��

I actually REALLY disliked these cookies. You sound awesome and your build up had me cracking up and buying right in, but these cookies came out dry and salty and kind of gross! I’m not posting this to be disparaging because clearly others have had success with them, but I just wasn’t a fan! I am, however, a big fan of your writing style. So keep up the good work, sister!

Hi Becca! I definitely appreciate the feedback and I’m glad you otherwise enjoyed the post! I’m wondering if perhaps one of your ingredients were bad or something else could have gone wrong; the thing I love about these cookies is that they are SO soft (and definitely not dry)! If you have any questions I’d be more than happy to try to help troubleshoot, but I’m sorry they didn’t turn out for you and I appreciate you coming back and commenting! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! ��

Amazing recipe! I just got done making these & mine didn’t seem to flatten out like yours in the picture! I’m new to baking, any idea why mine came out so chubby? Still taste amazing but they’re thick! Thank you

I’m so glad you enjoyed the cookies, Lindsey! Hmm, there are a few reasons your cookies may not have flattened, I would say the most likely reasons would be if you chilled the dough much longer than suggested (or put it in the freezer) or if the flour was measured incorrectly and accidentally over-measured (this can happen if you scoop flour right out of the bag/container instead of spooning into the measuring cup and leveling) or even if your oven temperature isn’t exact and is actually hotter than it’s telling you it is, these could all have an impact on your cookies. I hope these tips help but I’m glad you overall enjoyed the cookies! ��

These were perfectly delicious. Thanks for sharing your secret weapon.

I’m so glad you liked them! ��

Well, I just made these amazing cookies…again! Special request from my husband. Does that tell you all you need to know? I have a lot of experience with chocolate chip cookies – based on my age alone – a whole lot of experience. My husband and I love soft CC cookies. These are perfect. The real bonus is that they keep their softness even after being stored. Now, admittedly, they don’t make it for very long, but they do remain soft.

Thanks for the super “worst” recipe. You definitely taught this “old dog some new tricks”!

I love this! So glad that you enjoyed them, Mary! And thank you for coming back and commenting ��

Have a wonderful weekend!

I can now attest these ARE the best cookies. I can agree they are also the worst! �� I hate choco chip cookies because they’re never just right so I was really skeptical-but Oh My Gravy! I am having to stop myself from eating them all!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Haha, I warned you! �� I’m so glad that you enjoyed them so much, thank you for commenting! ��

Oh my, my, my!! These were out if this world delicious…oops…”The worst” chocolate chips cookies ever …lol. I’ve tried different version, but never came across using Maple syrup. Love it. Thanks, however, my waist, butt and tummy..will suffer ��

I feel ya! These were bad news for any semblance of good eating habits that I had! So glad that you liked them, Stephanie! thank you for commenting! ��

I’ve already made 3 batches these past few days. For my husband, then my parents and then my son’s family wanted some. I do believe they’re a hit!!!

Thanks, again!

I have to admit that the title of your recipe is what caught my attention. I have become so disenchanted with all the “world’s best,” “the best in the universe,” etc. recipes and thought, “ah, a kindred spirit.” You are so right about your “secret” ingredient–it adds a flavor you can’t quite put your finger on. They were a total success and I shall replace my old “world’s best” recipe with “the world’s worst.” Thank you, much!

I am so glad that you enjoyed the recipe, Carol! �� Thank you so much for commenting.

I was wondering if it would be okay to refrigerate the dough overnight and if the cookies would turn out okay if I did refrigerate them longer, thanks!

Yes that would be fine, it will actually allow the flavors to develop even more. The dough can be refrigerated up to 2 days in an airtight container (or in a bowl covered tightly with clear wrap). It could possibly be refrigerated even longer, but I haven’t tried longer than 2 days. I hope you love them!

I just made these they came out bug and fluffy not like yoirs i measured everything correctly.

Wow. No joke, these are the worst cookies ever. I made one batch and ever since everyone that tasted them won’t stop asking me to bake them :/ my husband (a former chef) requests them all of the time now and I hate making them because I eat way more than I should. By far the best cookie recipe I’ve ever tried though! I don’t know if I should be thanking you due to the above mentioned but I will anyway, thank you for the great recipe!! ;


Haha! Your comment made me smile, Suzanne! I’m so glad that you and your family have enjoyed the cookies so much. Thank you for commenting ��

I just made these today and they are the best cookies I’ve ever made. Other “best” cookies recipes always came out too crunchy or too doughy. Never just quite right. These have the fluffy texture I’ve been searching for and even my husband admitted they’re the best I’ve made. Thank you for sharing this with everyone. I’m definitely keeping this as my #1 cookie recipe.

Yay! I’m so glad that you and your husband loved them, Amber! Thanks for commenting ��

As a european I have no clue about US measurements and the like, so is it one cup of pure molten butter in the recipt? Or did you measure before, when it was in a solid form?

Hi Eric! It’s 227 grams which you then melt. Most of the rest of the conversions can be found online, but I do hope to have this in metric measurements as well, soon! ��

After reading all of the reviews, I can’t wait to try the recipe. From the reviews I can tell my one question is going to sound silly! How long after baking will the cookies stay fresh? I would like to make some for my neighbors during the holidays but want to work out the bake vs deliver timeline.

Nita I’m sorry I seemed to have missed this comment earlier! I’ve never been able to keep these cookies around longer than 2 days before they’re all eaten, but I imagine they would be good for at least a week. I don’t think they would go bad sooner than your average chocolate chip cookie. I hope this helps!

made these today for some hungry hockey players! was tight for time so put dough in freezer for 15 minutes and it worked out just fine. Boys loved them, they stayed chewy and so yummy!

I made this last night and I don’t know what I did wrong but they ended up rock hard. Any ideas?

Hmm, very strange, these should be soft and chewy! Is your oven temperature accurate, are your leaveners still good, and did you slightly underbake them and allow them to cool on the cookie sheet and finish baking that way?

Ok young lady, in my book you win the prize. I am an avid cook and baker and in my lifetime ( I am over 50, gasp!) i have tried so many different recipes. This is the best and I have made some pretty darn good ones. My 27 year old daughter loved them. Thanks for sharing, I so appreciate it !

Fantastic. I switched out some flour with cake flour and did the butter in between melted and soft. I also added a bit more flour. I typically have problems with runny cookies so I wanted to make sure that didn’t happen. For the people with hard cookies, you had to have left out an ingredient (maybe the maple syrup?). Even over the 13 minute mark, these are super soft and splendid. Wonderful recipe!

Awesome, I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed them, Kristyn! ��

These cookies were so good i couldn’t believe it!!!!! I didn’t make the whole batch because you know what happens with too many cookies around especially in my house. My oven will cook food to a crisp lol. So my baking time is always less than the suggested time given. I didn’t have any maple syrup which i realized at the last minute, so i had to use regular pancake syrup. The cookies still taste so good. My next batch will have the maple syrup though. Thanks for the recipe.

Why thank you! I’m so glad that you enjoyed them �� ��

The dough is in the fridge as we speak. I can’t wait to try them baked Hahaha

And seriously, I want you to be my new best friend! I’m cracking up as I read this post ��

Ah awesome I hope you love them! And if you send me some of the cookies we can totally be best friends �� �� ��

I’ can’t get the print icon to work I click on it but nothing happens.

Hi Don, I’m sorry about that! I am able to print it here — it comes up in a separate screen and I print it from there. I am going to e-mail you the recipe so you can print that e-mail without worrying about printing the whole website page, if you’re still having problems or would prefer me to send the recipe a different way, please let me know!

I have made these before and they are WONDERFUL! I am making more today, they turn out so perfect…

I love hearing this! So glad you enjoyed them so much, thank you for coming back and commenting! ��

I just tried these. Great flavor! However, mine turned out paper thin. I followed your directions perfectly and I have chocolate chip crepes. Any suggestions? Would love the chewiness/cakiness that your cookies appear to have. Thanks!

Sugar, you are one smart cookie! Thanks much for sharing your recipe and your creativity! Love it!

�� �� So glad you enjoyed the post, Queene!! ��

Go no further, these chocolate chip cookies will ruin your life.

You have been warned.

I can only assume something must have gone horribly wrong to bring you here today.

Amidst a cherry-picked Pinterest Sea of “perfect chocolate chip cookies” a Google Forest of “best ever chocolate chip cookies”, and dog-eared cookbooks of “award-winning” and family favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes, you have somehow found yourself here, face-to-cookie with the “worst” chocolate chip cookies.

I know what you’re probably thinking: It’s just a cookie, right? I mean, they look innocent enough, golden with melty chocolate chips, crinkled edges and melt-in-your-mouth interiors… but one bite and you’re ruined for life.

These cookies will consume your life, shrink your jeans, and steal your boyfriend (I wouldn’t put it past them, anyway).

They even contain a secret ingredient.

How obnoxiously cliché, and, even more obnoxiously, intriguing.

I won’t drag it out; the secret ingredient is maple syrup. Sure, pure maple syrup (priced per ounce nearly the same as gold) would be just wonderful, but if you have a sticky bottle of Aunt Jemima in your cabinet (as I did), that will work just fine, too.

What kind of self-respecting cookie doesn’t demand purity and quality? Only the worst kind.

I credit this “secret ingredient” for being the greatest offender in this recipe. It gives the cookies a subtle, caramelized flavor, as well as long-lasting chewiness and softness (these cookies stay soft for days, the cornstarch also helps with that significantly), and the flavor is to die for.

And while anyone who takes a bite will be able to detect the extra richness of flavor, no one who I shared these cookies with was able to identify any sort of secret ingredient. Just “really, really, good cookies”.

OK, so what’s so bad about really really good cookies?

How about the fact that they will consume you as you consume them. I’m not kidding about them wrecking your relationships.

Mom’s favorite chocolate chip cookie? Ditch it. You will snub your nose at every “favorite” cookie of the past and struggle to hold back scornful laughs at anyone who comments on a “delicious cookie”. Nobody likes a cookie snob, but you will become one.

Here comes that girl again, the one who’s too good for Chips Ahoy.

Be prepared for weight gain. It creeps up slowly, the cookies gently embracing you at first, then clinging to your thighs, your stomach, tighter and tighter until yoga pants are your only way out of the house. If you’re worried about your significant other noticing, don’t bother, they don’t notice anything anymore, only whether or not there are cookies readily available for consumption.

Perhaps worst of all is that these cookies can be made so easily. There’s no KitchenAid or any sort of electric hand mixer required to make these cookies. They can be stirred by hand, dirtying only two bowls.

They do need to chill for 30 minutes, which would only serve as a deterrent if 25 of those minutes weren’t spent sneaking copious chunks of dough from the refrigerator.

If you’ve made it this far, I fear it might already be too late for you.

It’s too late for me, unfortunately, and I’ve made these cookies nearly a dozen times in the past two weeks. I’m swapping gym time for cookie time to keep my fridge well-stocked with dough, and the photo shoot for this post took three times as long as it should have because I kept eating the subjects.

If you can, stick to the “best ever” cookies, stick to Grandma’s cookies and the family favorites. Those cookies are safe, they are your friends, made to be consumed by you.

These cookies will consume you, instead.

Good luck.

And be sure to sign up and subscribe to my mailing list to be notified whenever a new recipe is posted!

Oh, and the cookie dough is pretty killer, too.

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