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Thai Style Buddha Bowl with Peanut Sauce

Thai Style Buddha Bowl with Peanut Sauce

Thai Style Buddha Bowl with Peanut Sauce

Red rice is fantastic!! I love the extra bite/chew it has!

And anytime you add a peanut sauce..yum! Love all the coconut milk too!

Can never get enough of this peanut sauce!!!

I too love red rice! This is a fantastic buddha bowl..wonderful flavour and colour!

Isn’t red rice just the best?

This buddha bowl is everything I ever wanted and more! I have never tried red rice but I need to find it ASAP!

Yes! You’ve GOT to try it. I really think it’s the BEST!

I one ate something similar, it was really good, thanks!

I enjoyed my visit to your delicious blog. I invite you to share at my Thursday Blog hop this week. Hugs!

Oh oh oh, I am making this so very soon. YUM! I have been trying to find more meal-salads and this will be added to the list!

One question, just curious, if I only happen to have sweetened peanut butter in the house and want to use it up, can I use that and just cut out the coconut sugar? Or should I still put some coconut sugar in, just not as much?


I’ve never tried it with sweetened peanut butter. But if I had to, I wouldn’t add any additional sugar. My guess is, that it will already be sweeter than this version of natural pb with coconut sugar. But should you feel it needs more sweetness, you could always add it in later. Let me know how it turns out

Love it!

Thank you Jen

Hi! Awesome recipe, i do the sauce for my lazy spaghetti days. But i never get it to get thick, it’s always runny What am i doing wrong? I even skip the water but does close to no difference. After i’ve had it in the fridge and eat it the next day it’s perfect. Pls help it’s so delicious <3

Hi Sofie, my sauce is also always runny while it is still warm. Only once it cools down it gets thicker. I guess that is mainly due to the coconut milk and peanut butter which each are thicker/harder when cold. Maybe you could reduce the amount of coconut milk, if you want to try to achive a thicker warm sauce?

This is a really great idea for a buddha bowl. I made it on a much smaller scale. I omitted the coconut sugar (and used PB with no added sugar or sweetners) and it didn’t suffer at all. There really is no need for so much sugar. Thank you for the base, I will make again!

Great to hear you enjoyed the sauce without any sugar as well. But there really isn’t that much sugar in this recipe – only 1/4 cup and it makes more sauce than is needed for 2 servings. And I also only recommend using all-natural peanut butter (nothing but peanuts and maybe a little salt).

OK the peanut sauce is to die for. it was awesome and we most likely used way more than we should have! We did our own toppings for the red rice (roasted sweet potatoes, pears, avocado, black beans, chickpeas and corn) but it was the sauce that made it complete. Awesome recipe!

Thanks for this awesome feedback Michelle!! And I couldn’t agree more on the amazingness of this sauce. Your rice toppings sound fantastic too.

Thai Style Buddha Bowl with Peanut Sauce – this clean eating recipe with red rice and a rainbow of veggies is gluten free and vegan friendly.

Konrad and I have been in love with red rice for a few years already. We first got introduced to it while we spent a couple months on Bali in 2012. Bali, and especially Ubud, is a haven for yogis, vegans and healthy food lovers in general.

Since that time red rice is our side of choice. It is a nutritious whole grain that retains a wonderful ‘bite’ during cooking and somewhat chewy texture.

We always cook a good amount of it – as much as our rice cooker can handle – and then we use the leftover cooked red rice for lunches the next couple of days. (Also works well with leftover quinoa.)

This Thai Style Buddha Bowl was born in the process!

Warm red rice is topped with bean sprouts, shredded carrots and cabbage, garlic chives and crushed peanuts. Almost like the things you would find in a good Pad Thai – almost.

To bring everything together, the Thai Style Buddha Bowl is drizzled with the most amazing peanut sauce! I first made that heavenly sauce for this spaghetti squash recipe, which has turned out to be one of the most popular recipes on Leelalicious.

I am surprised I haven’t used the sauce in more recipes since (aside from these fresh spring rolls), because it is truly delicious! When it’s warm I can almost gobble up the sauce straight with a spoon.

I only did one thing I did different with the sauce this time. I used fish sauce instead of soy sauce. (To make vegan, still use soy sauce; and to make vegan+gluten free, use Tamari).

Fish sauce is such an integral part of Thai cuisine and it gives meals an amazing savory, salty (umami!) flavor, but it doesn’t exactly smell great. Fish sauce works its magic in combination with other ingredients.

Konrad hates it when I cook with fish sauce, because of the way it makes our apartment smell. So my workaround has been to stir in fish sauce only at the very end. This way it doesn’t actually get cooked and diffused into the air.

To me this Thai Style Buddha Bowl is kind of like a warm salad. I like for the red rice and peanut sauce to be warm, while all the vegetables are fresh and crunchy.

If you prefer a less raw texture and flavor, you could totally sauté the shredded carrots, cabbage and bean sprouts in a little olive oil just to soften them somewhat.

The recipe for the peanut sauce uses a full can of coconut milk (so you don’t have to deal with the storage of leftover milk). This yields more peanut sauce then you need for 2 servings of this Thai Style Buddha Bowl.

The remaining sauce stores well in the fridge for at least a week. It is great with rice, (veggie) noodles or as a dip.

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