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Squash and ricotta pasta bake

Squash and ricotta pasta bake

Squash and ricotta pasta bake

Nicky, here it is:

\"Tear up the basil leaves and sprinkle into the pan with some salt and pepper. Stir in the ricotta and the stock, then bring back to the boil. \"

For those who are vegan or a strict Veggie, just read the recipe and alter as required. I am gluten free and I use most recipes and alter as required. I think Fifi was just trying to point out that if you are a strict veggie watch out and Alex was giving an alternative. I am going to try this recipe. I am using Gluten Free pasta and Italian hard cheese as my son is a veggie

I just want to point out that if you do use Parmesan in this recipe then it is NOT vegetarian. The vegetarian tag is therefore misleading.

For amc and Olja, parmesan cheese is made with animal rennet and is therefore not vegetarian. You can buy vegetarian \"Italian hard cheese\" but that is not the same as parmesan. Some vegetarians care, same don't.

Vegeterians eat dairy...vegans don't

I wasn't aware parmesan was an animal!

Parmesan is a protected designation for a cheese made in Parmegiana, Italy, using the rennet from the lining of calves' stomachs, so it CANNOT be vegetarian. It is a slaughterhouse product. Jamie should know better!

This is such a delicious treat of a dish, I will definitely be cooking this again!

Just made this. I heeded the advice about too much veg stock and only put in 500ml, was a bit dry. Maybe the type of dish you use makes the difference...I used a rectangular dish...But I used the full amount of pasta, that worked well. I think it could do with more tomato. next time i think i'll throw in some passada or something. I also tossed in some wine after frying up the garlic, and since i'm not a vegetarian I also added bacon (so worth doing). As for the ricotta, my shop was out, so used a garlic and herb soft cheese roulade, and I put the whole thing in. it was magic.

I'm reading the comments about how the cheese makes this a non-vegetarian dish. This to me is buzzkill, and is going to whack out all the good people I know who eat vegetarian - not vegan - and get significant amount of protein, flavor and joy from cheese. Oh my god, please stop and take a deep breath - and adjust accordingly for your personal diets! ...And whatever you do, don't consider all the bug parts you eat every day in your greens and grains, or you may not eat again. And for everyone else who picks through the proportions, I lovingly suggest you also pause, step back and apply common sense. I love Jamie's approach to cooking. It's about passion, excitement and flavors. If you want science to the nth gram, please follow someone else.

I started to cook this recipe and read the comments later and then I started to panic. So I threw in some wine, an Italian herb mix and more chilli than Jamie suggests (dried chilli and some fresh) plus, sin of all sins, two teaspoons of sugar. It turned out fine - really tasty. It is total comfort food, but I did enjoy it and it was the first time I ever used a butternut pumpkin / squash. I think the spicy chilli and cheese mix makes it.

Lovely dish but... \"Large frying pan\" actually means huge saucepan! Loads of pasta & not enough tomatoes. Feed about 6-8 people!!

Has potential. Too much pasta, would reduce to 300g. Also too much stock, would reduce to 500ml or less.

Not the best recipe. way too much pasta, the stock is not a sauce and doesn't do the work of enriching the pasta.

Full house here in the IOW this weekend, this will be so easy for me to prepare this weekend. Many thanks.

very happy with the result and although the directions can sound a bit confusing,it is very very easy.this is perfect for a family thing or just a plain tuesday.

not dry,but for those who like a bit of cheese.once u have done it it goes smoothly the next times you make it.

i made it for my mum so there you go! easy peasy.

Even with the stock this was dry and unappetising - I had to add another tin of tomatoes to loosen it up - far too much pasta and not at all a creamy sauce. Very disappointing. Won't be making this again and wasted lots of ingredients as just not tasty

Forgot the stock?

I just made this dish and although the flavour is quite good, it is quite dry and definitely not creamy! I have looked through the recipe and noticed that 750ml of organic vegetable stock is required, but I did not use it as it is not on the method. Should I have added it? When should I have added it? Can I do anything to rescue the pasta bake now that it has been fully cooked?

In the fourth paragraph it mentiones: stir in ricota and the stock!

Original article and pictures take http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/pasta-recipes/squash-and-ricotta-pasta-bake/?utm_source=social&utm_medium=RecipeOftheDay&utm_term=2015#ZISBvmLJA65PwEJV.97 site

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