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Retro Inspired Nursery

Retro Inspired Nursery

Retro Inspired Nursery

LOVE the science references! SO cute!!

I love all of the fun handmade touches- especially the elements for his name!!

I am in love with this and the chemistry reference is so clever!

Oh my word! Love it! My favorite part is the periodic table name. Josh would LOVE that! And the little Einstein doll

Yes, that is right up his alley!

love the colors and the wall art is so adorable and genius! Beautiful job!!

What an adorable nursery! I love so many things about it! The colors, the crib, the fun art above his bed. Perfection!

Can you tell me how she made the chandler?

I love it!

She made it years ago, but we are trying to figure out how to get a tutorial out there since it is getting such a great response.

What a cute and inventive idea for a nursery! Love all the little handmade touches. And that rocker was an amazing find!!

Sarah, tell your sister she needs to contribute more often. She’s got a boatload of talent!

I think you can get the Silver Dollar hanging pieces at Michaels… Not sure they come in that length

What a darling nursery. I love the name art and the chandelier. That is amazing that she cut each one by hand. Thank you for sharing it with Share It One More Time. Cathy

I love this nursery! So creative and personal! And yes the chemistry elements name banner is a winner!

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Such a beautiful nursery! Your sister did a great job breaking up the space into different zones, and all those personal touches bring it all together perfectly.

I agree. I’ll pass on the compliment.

I am SOOOO excited to share my nephew’s retro nursery with you today! My sister has impeccable taste, and she is quite crafty, so it all came together beautifully. (I have tried to convince her 1,000,000 times to team up with me here, but no dice . . .) She is also kindof a nerd, which explains the science stuff in the room. In all seriousness, she is one of the smartest gals I know, and she was a high school chemistry teacher prior to becoming a stay-at-home-mom. She is also an aerobics instructor. She’s a fascinating human being. Haha. I love her.

One of the greatest things about this retro nursery is that it is largely thrifted. She bought the gorgeous wroguth iron crib on Craigslist, the amazing vintage dresser on Craigslist, AND the rocker on Craigslist! Her friend made the amazing quilt for her as a gift. She made the chemistry element name art, bought cheap frames and painted them, made the pillow cover, and also MADE THE CHANDELIER. Wowzer!! She didn’t have a die cutting machine at the time, so she cut the circles BY HAND. That is seriously insane. But WOW is it beautiful, right?!

Here’s the other unique thing about this nursery: she was able to take HALF of an oddly shaped bedroom and create an amazing space. So often young families are living in cramped quarters and don’t think that they have the space or resources for lovely decor and living spaces, but she totally made it work. I couldn’t get the full room into my lens view, but below you can see the nursery side and the office side. And a cute baby.

Let’s take a look at the chemistry elements of this beautiful space. Since she is a self proclaimed chem nerd, she wanted to spell out his name with wall art using the periodic table. She did so by painting the canvases bright colors. Next she used her Cricut and some Contact Paper to cut stencils of the letters. She used the Doodletype Cartridge/Font. Finally, she placed the sticky homemade stencils on the canvases and painted the letters. Vinyl would have been faster, but actual paint looks much more vintage. The Albert Einstein doll was given to her by a friend.

There is NOTHING sweeter than a newborn baby, right?! I took those pictures in the aqua frames (which she painted because she couldn’t find frames in the right color) when I came to help after he was born. Sweet, sweet, SWEET!!

Isn’t the quilt AMAZING!!! I mean, LOOK at that underside!! WOW!!! It was made by Jaime from Vintage Lime Shop.

A few more pics of the cuteness before I sign off . . .

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Original article and pictures take http://www.bombshellbling.com/retro-nursery/ site

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