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Orange Creamsicle Recipe

Orange Creamsicle Recipe

Orange Creamsicle Recipe

Growing up, one of my favorite popsicles definitely had to be the orange creamsicle. So creamy on the inside, yet tart and refreshing on the outside. Little did I know all of the ingredients inside one of those bad boys. The great thing about making your own popsicles at home is there is very few ingredients and you can really limit the sugar! When we were at the grocery store today, my 4 year-old was begging me to buy a popsicle. I relented and bought ‘Juice Pops’ because that is what she really wanted. When we got home and she had one, I tasted it just to see what it was like and I was surprised how sweet it was. Chuck full of sugar. Well, this is what is really in orange creamsicles when you buy them at the store vs. our homemade version.

Orange Creamsicle Recipe

Our Orange Creamsicle Recipe is simple, refreshing, nutritious and definitely bring back the nostalgia of eating them when you were a kid.

Orange Creamsicle Recipe

The key to making a real creamsicle is the Zoku Pop Maker. It probably seems like I am always talking about the Zoku, and that is because I am! It is honestly one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. If your kids like popsicles then this is a must have. Instead of waiting a few hours for your pops to freeze, the Zoku literally makes the pops in 7 minutes. So great when you have little kidlets waiting not-so-patiently for a popsicle. This is how it works:

1 – Put the Zoku unit in the freezer for 24 hours, or you can store it there so you’re always ready to make the quick pops. (That is what I do)

2 – Place the reusable pop sticks in the mold, and then pour in your choice of juice, smoothie, mashed fruit – whatever you want! And wait…only 7 minutes! Place the unit right on your counter-top while you wait.

3 – Use the specially designed Super Tool to release your pops.

4 – ENJOY!

There are SO many fun pops you can make.

Orange CreamsiclesWe started with fresh squeezed orange juice. If you don’t have time, or are making a lot of pops, or just don’t feel like squeezing oranges – then by all means use 100% orange juice. Depending how many pops you are making at a time – you will need about 6 ounces of orange juice. I used 3 large navel oranges and got about 6 ounces.

Orange Creamsicle Recipe

This is where the Zoku’s magic comes in. Pour the juice into the molds. You will then wait about 3 minutes.

After about 3-4 minutes, the outside will have frozen but the center will still be liquid. You will then use the Siphon tool to suck out the center of the pops.

For our creamy center, use a blender to blend Greek yogurt, 1/4 of a banana, and a little milk. The banana was to add sweetness, but you could also use honey, your favorite sweetener or nothing at all. You could also add a little pure vanilla extract which would be delicious. Pour this mixture into the center of your mold.

Orange Creamsicle Recipe

Wait about 4-5 more minutes and you will have a delectable orange creamsicle. Now, if you don’t have a Zoku………..you should get one. Ha – just kidding. You can still make this recipe!

To Make With A Regular Pop Maker

Blend all ingredients together and pour it into your mold. It will just be a blended orange creamsicle and is still just as delicious – just won’t have the separate creamy center.

Orange Creamsicle Recipe

Back to the Zoku……..

I love that if I have leftover smoothie from breakfast, I can pour it into my zoku and have pops in 7 minutes. I love that you don’t have to clean the molds every time you use it. I love that I don’t have to buy sugary popsicles for my kids because I can make so many different kinds and so fast!

Orange Creamsicle

6 ounces 100% orange juice

1/2 cup Greek yogurt

1/4 banana (or sweetener of your choice - you could use 1-2 Tbsp of honey)

2 Tbsp milk (regular, coconut, almond, soy)

Follow instructions for Zoku pop maker to make a cream-centered pop. Otherwise blend ingredients together and pour into your mold. 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Bubbly and booze will be flowing as the clock strikes midnight around the world. In honor of the top cocktail drinking night of the year, we took a look at our data to determine what drink will be on everyone's lips this year.\", para1b:\"We analyzed data from over 100 million users over the last year to understand how cocktail preferences vary by region, gender, and time of year. In particular, we calculated relative volumes for alcoholic beverage recipes with particular properties, such as whether the recipe includes some type of dairy, leveraging our Food Genome and Food Intelligence technology.\", para1c:\"See how your city or region ranks with your favorite drink.\", legend:\"All percentages represent the percent difference from the mean relative volume for states and metro areas in the United States.\", prompt:\"Who's most interested in recipes with:\", para2:{ header:\"Cocktails Across the Country\", p1:\"Vodka and rum cocktails are popular throughout the country, but people in the Southwest and Texas are much more likely to sip tequila cocktails<\/a> (San Antonio: 48 percent more than average) like Margaritas<\/a>\", p2:\"No question that bourbon cocktails<\/a> are popular in Kentucky (Louisville: 101 percent above average), but West Coast cities like Portland and San Francisco are jumping on the bourbon wagon (Portland: 31 percent above average).\", p3:\"New England and Wisconsin cities show the most interest in brandy cocktails<\/a> (Milwaukee: 42 percent above average). It surprised us to learn that Wisconsinites have a love affair with brandy<\/a>.\", p4:\"What's a good cocktail without a mixer? Cranberry juice<\/a> is relatively popular in the East (Philadelphia: 21 percent above average), while pineapple juice<\/a> is relatively popular in Hawaii and The South (Honolulu: 23 percent above average; Birmingham: 22 percent above average), and grapefruit juice<\/a> is relatively popular in Florida (Jacksonville: 28 percent above average) and Texas (Austin: 60 percent above average).\", p5:\"Cocktails with some type of dairy<\/a> (milk, cream, etc.) are more common in the Midwest (Grand Rapids: 26 percent above average; Madison: 25 percent above average; Milwaukee: 23 percent above average).\", p6:\"Home mixologists in West Coast cities like San Francisco, Portland and Seattle are much more likely to include trendy cocktail ingredients like bitters<\/a> (San Francisco: 51 percent more; Portland: 33 percent more), egg whites<\/a> (San Francisco: 64 percent more; Portland: 24 percent more), and absinthe<\/a> (San Francisco: 56 percent more; Seattle: 32 percent more).\", p7:\"Sangria, a popular drink in Spain and Portugal, is most popular in New England, especially Rhode Island (2.1x average). Probably not coincidentally, Rhode Island also has highest percentage of residents with Portuguese ancestry<\/a> in the country. Try these seasonal Sangria recipes<\/a>.\" }, para3:{ header:\"Gender Differences\", p1:\"Overall men are 14 percent more likely to Yum cocktails than women.\", p2:\"Men are much more likely than women to Yum cocktails with whiskey<\/a> (59 percent more) and gin<\/a> (38 percent more), while men and women are about equally likely to Yum vodka cocktails<\/a>.\" }, para4:{ header:\"The Booziest Time of Year\", p1:\"Cocktail recipes are most popular on New Year's Eve (3.4x average cocktail volume), Halloween (2.6x average), and the Fourth of July (2.2x average).\", p2:\"The relative popularity of rum, tequila, and gin cocktails increases in the summer, whereas the relative popularity of whiskey increases in the fall.\", p3:\"The chart also shows that cocktails are much more popular on Friday and Saturday no matter the time of year. TGIF!\", p4:\"On New Year's Eve, the booziest day of the year, interest in punches and drinks with drinks with champagne<\/a> is especially large (champagne-based punches: 4.5x average). Other unusually popular drinks include eggnog<\/a>, martinis<\/a>, and shots<\/a>.\" } }, healthiestCities:{ title:\"Healthiest Cities\", heading:\"United States Healthiest Cities in 2014\", legend:\"All percentages represent the percent difference from the mean relative search volume for the top 25 cities in the United States.\", para1:\"Yummly released its 2014 ranking based on each city's \\\"healthy eating score.\\\"\", para2:\"To determine this ranking, Yummly created a healthy eating score based on its new, machine-learning based algorithm for identifying healthy recipes. The algorithm learns to weight the importance of several factors when determining healthiness including recipe nutrition estimates (saturated fat, sodium, sugar, vitamin A, etc.), ingredients (number of vegetables, use of red meat, whole grains, etc.), and preparation (fried, baked, etc.). The company combined this algorithm with search activity from over 100 million users over the last year, yielding billions of data points for estimating demand for healthy recipes in different regions. For this ranking, Yummly computed healthy eating scores for the top 25 most populous metropolitan areas in the United States, normalizing for population.\", bulletTitle:\"Some of the report's key findings include:\", bold1:\"Proteins from coast to coast:\", bold2:\"Experimenting with new ingredients:\", bold3:\"Healthy dose of fruits and veggies:\", bold4:\"Wholly grains!:\", bold5:\"Location, location, location:\", bullet1:\"For healthy eaters, chicken is still a favorite staple, with cities like Boston, Washington D.C. and New York searching for recipes with chicken three and a half times more often than recipes with beef. The oceanside cities of Miami, San Diego and San Francisco search for fish more often than beef.\", bullet2:\"Californians are more likely to opt for \\\"trendy\\\" healthy foods like kale and tofu, searching for these ingredients more than twice as often as cities like St. Louis and Charlotte\", bullet3:\"Users in San Francisco search for recipes that contain vegetables 30 percent more often than users from Cleveland. Salad (the leafy kind) enthusiasts hail from Minneapolis, followed closely by Seattle and San Francisco.\", bullet4:\"Whole grains have taken hold in the Pacific northwest with cities of Portland and Seattle searching for ingredients like brown rice and quinoa most often. Atlanta and Miami are least likely to reach for the fiber-rich foods. Preparation preferences: Charlotte elects to make casseroles, ranking third highest behind Minneapolis-St Paul and Dallas; and more quick and easy dinners than Miami (50 percent more), which can often contain more salt and sugar. Atlanta and Houston are fans of fried food, while the cooking method of steaming is most popular in San Francisco and Los Angeles.\", bullet5:\"The majority of the cities with the lowest healthy eating scores are inland, and have higher rates of searches that include bacon, cheese, cake, and pie.\" }, bigGame:{ label:{ least:\"SEATTLE\", most:\"BOSTON\" }, prompt:\"Who's more interested in recipes with\", title:\"Game Day Snack Smackdown: City Comparison\", a1:\"Who will prevail, the New England Patriots or the Seattle Seahawks? More importantly, who will eat better? In honor of the big game, we took a look at our data to understand what fans in the Seattle and Boston areas will be snacking on this Sunday.\", a2:\"We analyzed data from over 100 million users over the last year to understand game day food and drink preferences, as well as how they vary between Boston and Seattle. In particular, we identified searches and recipe properties (e.g. the type of dish, or the amount of sodium, leveraging our Food Genome and Food Intelligence technology) that are statistically associated with Sunday's big game and/or the Boston/Seattle metro area.\", b0:\"Hometown Dishes Have an Advantage\", b1:\"Although wings are popular throughout the country, Bostonians browse wing recipes 41 percent more often than Seattleites do. Buffalo chicken dip<\/a> and kielbasa are also much more popular in Boston than Seattle (214 percent and 789 percent more). Classic New England treats appropriate for game day include whoopie pies<\/a> (244 percent more popular) and Boston cream donuts (the Patriots prefer them slightly deflated).\", b2:\"Meanwhile, on the west coast, people in Seattle browse recipes for Seattle-style hot dogs (with cream cheese), fish tacos<\/a> (68 percent), fish and chips, and garlic fries (49 percent) more often than people in Boston.\", c0:\"The Seafood Showdown\", c1:\"Both cities are known for seafood, but Bostonians are more interested in lobster (lobstah; 174 percent more), cod, haddock, and scallops, whereas Seattleites prefer salmon (44 percent more more than Boston), crab, and oysters.\", c2:\"On Sunday, expect Seahawks fans to snack on smoked salmon and crab and salmon dips<\/a> (25 percent and 495 percent more than Boston), while Patriots fans enjoy lobster rolls<\/a> and chowder (32 percent more than Seattle).\", d0:\"Family Favorites\", d1:\"Patriots fans are more likely than Seahawks fans to snack on pizza (23 percent more), Italian meatballs (85 percent more), and American chop suey<\/a> (1175 percent more!), and sip sangria (209 percent more). Perhaps not coincidentally, Boston has a higher percentage of residents who claim Italian and Portuguese ancestry than Seattle.\", d2:\"Seattle's larger Asian and Mexican American populations are reflected in more interest in enchiladas (142 percent more), fish tacos, pico de gallo, spring rolls (39 percent more), dumplings, and Thai-inspired wings with peanut sauce<\/a> (74 percent more) than Boston.\", e0:\"Beers, Cocktails and More\", e1:\"Yummly's cocktail analysis showed that drinkers in Seattle are more likely to warm up with whiskey<\/a> (40 percent more) and tequila<\/a> (18 percent more) than those in Boston. Margaritas and jello shots (29 percent) are also more popular in Seattle, while martinis (105 percent) and punches are more popular in Boston. The same time last year, we saw a spike in demand for colorful (Seahawks-)blue cocktails<\/a> from the Seattle area.\", e2:\"Of course we expect a lot more beer than cocktails on game day, including some in the food. Although people in both cities like to cook with beer, people in Seattle are more likely to incorporate beer into their main dishes (18 percent more), while people in Boston are more likely to use beer in desserts and appetizers (16 percent and 10 percent more).\", f0:\"Dietary Restrictions\", f1:\"Overall Seattle home cooks are more health conscious than those in Boston, according to Yummly's \\\"healthy eating score<\/a>\\\", and are more likely to have vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and paleo diets. Seattle had 20 percent more vegetarian searches on game day last year, such as \\\"vegetarian sloppy joes<\/a>\\\".\", g0:\"Goodbye New Year's Resolutions\", g1:\"No matter where you are, American football's biggest game day is not good for New Year's resolutions. The average healthiness of searches on Yummly increases to its highest point of the entire year in mid January, but falls to one of its lowest points on that specific Sunday. In particular, average sodium per browsed recipe is especially high, 23 percent above a typical day.\" }, bigGame2016:{ label:{ least:\"DENVER\", most:\"CHARLOTTE\" }, prompt:\"Who's more interested in\", title:\"Game Day Snack Smackdown: City Comparison\", p1:\"Who will prevail, the Denver Broncos or the Carolina Panthers? More importantly (well, to us), who will eat better? In honor of the big game, we took a look at our data to understand what fans in the Charlotte and Denver areas will be snacking on this Sunday.\", p2:\"We analyzed data from over 100 million users over the last year to understand game day food and drink preferences, as well as how they vary between Denver and Charlotte. In particular, we identified searches and recipe properties (e.g. the type of dish, or the amount of sodium, leveraging our Food Genome and Food Intelligence technology) that are statistically associated with Sunday's big game and/or the Denver/Charlotte metro areas.\", p3:\"Game Day Go-Tos\", p4:\"Dip is a requirement in any game day spread. Bowls of scoop-able goodness that are more popular in Charlotte than Denver include pimento cheese dip (237 percent more), sausage dip, taco dip, and buffalo chicken dip. Yogurt-based dips (27 percent more), salsa, hummus, and fondue (62 percent more) are more popular in Denver than Charlotte.\", p5:\"Chili adds some spice to the party. Green chili (chile verde) and green chili stew<\/a> are uniquely popular in New Mexico and Colorado. These tasty dishes, which typically feature pork and New Mexican green chiles, are popular in Denver and virtually unheard of in Charlotte (green chili is 1402 percent more popular in Denver). The more common version of chili with ground beef is more popular in Charlotte than in Denver (36 percent more).\", p6:\"Among other game day go-tos, wings are substantially more popular (64 percent more) in Charlotte, while french dip sandwiches<\/a> (76 percent more), wraps and spring rolls are more popular in the mile-high city.\", p7:\"Southern and Southwestern Delicacies\", p8:\"Expect home cooks from Charlotte (“The Queen City”) to enjoy Southern delicacies like fried chicken (37 percent more popular in Charlotte), mac and cheese, biscuits, cornbread, hush puppies<\/a> (263 percent more popular in Charlotte), and boiled peanuts during the game.\", p9:\"Pork barbecue, a North Carolina speciality, is 54 percent more popular in Charlotte than Denver. Homemade barbecue sauce<\/a> is more popular in Charlotte than Denver (30 percent more), with Eastern North Carolina style barbecue sauce with vinegar but no ketchup or tomato being especially distinctive (57 percent more popular in Charlotte than Denver).\", p10:\"Denverites are more interested in Mexican-inspired Southwestern dishes like enchiladas<\/a> (68 percent more than Charlotte), tacos, burritos, and tamales. Thirty-one percent of Denver residents identify as Hispanic or Latino, compared to only 13 percent in Charlotte.\", p11:\"Cities with a Sweet Tooth\", p12:\"Post-game treats that are more popular in the Queen City include pound cake (253 percent more) and banana pudding (215 percent more). Chocolate chip cookies are more popular in Denver (16 percent more), as are baking recipes that are adjusted to account for the mile-high altitude. Recent changes to the low (that really put the \\\"high\\\" in mile-high) allow for other changes to baking recipes...\", p13:\"Celebratory Beverages\", p14:\"Broncos fans are more likely to celebrate with whiskey (27 percent more than Charlotte) or tequila while Panthers fans are more inclined to imbibe with rum (20 percent more than Denver) or their own homemade moonshine (149 percent more than Denver). Among cocktails, punch is more popular in Charlotte, while margaritas are more popular in Denver.\", p15:\"Of course, we expect much higher consumption of beer than cocktails on game day, including some in the food. People in Denver are more likely to incorporate beer into their main dishes (14 percent more) and desserts (52 percent more).\", p16:\"Goodbye New Year's Resolutions\", p17:\"Denverites are more likely to seek healthy options. According to our analysis<\/a>, they eat healthier overall and are more likely to be vegetarian (36 percent more), vegan (44 percent more), or gluten-free (81 percent more) than people in Charlotte.\", p18:\"However, no matter where you are, American football's biggest game day is not kind to New Year's resolutions.. The average healthiness of Yummly searches peaks annually in mid-January, but falls to one of its lowest points on the first Sunday in February. One salty tidbit... average sodium per serving of recipes browsed is 26 percent higher on this day.\", p19:\"Bay Area Bound?\", p20:\"Those attending the big game in the San Francisco Bay Area should check out local favorites like Mission-style burritos, dungeness crab<\/a>, garlic fries, sourdough, and sip on some Anchor Steam beer and Fernet!\" }, valentinesDay:{ title:\"A Recipe for Romance: Valentine's Day Data Analysis\", prompt:\"Valentine's Day popularity for\", a1:\"February 14th is a day known for chocolates and sweets but what makes a dish romantic? In honor of Valentine's Day, we took a look at our data to determine what makes up a meal that will really \\\"butter\\\" up your Valentine.\", a2:\"We analyzed data from more than 100 million users to understand Valentine's Day food and drink preferences. In particular, we identified properties of recipes (e.g. having some form of chocolate as an ingredient) that are correlated with Valentine's Day user activity leveraging our Food Genome and Food Intelligence technology.\", b0:\"Spice it up with Aphrodisiacs\", b1:\"An aphrodisiac is a food that is claimed to increase sexual desire. Do they work? Some home cooks seem to think so. Reputed aphrodisiacs chocolate<\/a>, oysters, asparagus, and figs are all more popular on Valentine's Day than usual (28 percent, 89 percent, 21 percent, and 33 percent more, respectively).\", c0:\"For Love and Money\", c1:\"Money can't buy love, but it can buy fancy ingredients to impress your date. High-end proteins like lobster (up 342 percent), scallops (up 235 percent), expensive cuts of beef like steak (up 71 percent) and filet mignon<\/a> (up 624 percent) and vegetables like mushrooms and asparagus are all more popular on Valentine's Day.\", d0:\"Romantic Recipes\", d1:\"What could be more romantic than a meatloaf dinner? Just kidding. Distinctive Valentine's Day dishes tend to be French and Italian — pastas (alfredo, ravioli), risotto, fondue<\/a> (up 734 percent), mousse, tiramisu, etc. — cuisines and cultures known for romance.\", e0:\"Drunk in Love\", e1:\"If your date has a lust for liquor, you might want to try to incorporate alcohol into your dish (not just in a glass). Recipes with alcohol are 31 percent more popular overall. Wine<\/a> (up 44 percent) enhances steak, shrimp, risotto, and fondue, while cognac (up 129 percent) and coffee liqueurs (up 46 percent) make desserts a little more sweet.\", f0:\"Making an Effort\", f1:\"The power of love compels more men to get into the kitchen. The proportion of male visitors to Yummly is especially large on Valentine's Day (17 percent higher than the February average).\", f2:\"What are they cooking up? Men are more interested in dessert<\/a> and soup recipes than usual (27 and 30 percent more). Women are more interested in cocktail recipes than usual (29 percent more) and less interested in salads (25 percent less).\" }, healthyHabits:{ title:\"Yummly & Jawbone: Analysis of Healthy Habits by Day of the Week\", description:\"Yummly is partnering with Jawbone to allow UP users to get a full view of their eating and exercise habits. We’ve investigated how recipe searches vary over the week, and how this relates to healthiness.\", tagline:\"Relative search volume on different days of the week\", prompt:\"When do people search the most for\", p1:\"Yummly inspires over 15 million users to eat better with recipe recommendations that cater to their unique tastes and dietary preferences. We know that cooking at home is a great way to keep a healthy and balanced diet, so we are excited to announce that Yummly is partnering with Jawbone<\/a> to allow UP users to get a full view of their eating and exercise habits.\", p2:\"UP by JawboneTM<\/sup> helps people live better by providing personalized insight into how they sleep, move and eat. This new partnership will allow one-click UP meal logging from any Yummly recipe. Users will even be able to see UP's Food Score on every recipe, a number from 1 to 10 that helps users quickly assess the healthiness of a food item or meal.\", p3:\"When we embarked on this partnership, we found that both Yummly and Jawbone analyze data to understand user behavior and share their insights with the community. In honor of this new integration, we've investigated how searches vary over the week, and how this relates to healthiness.\", p4:\"Our data shows that healthy searches are more common earlier in the week. For example, searches for kale and quinoa peak on Monday and bottom out on Saturday. Main dish searches are also more popular during the week, with 'weeknight dinner' staples like stir fry and dishes with ground turkey highest on Tuesday. This suggests that people cook dinner at home more often during the week, avoiding less healthy takeout and restaurant food.\", p5:\"Most users live for the weekend with healthy searches declining as Friday approaches. TGIF! Searches for cookies, alcohol, pizza, and dip increase substantially on Friday. Extra time on Saturday morning allows more hearty and involved breakfast options such as pancakes, French toast, and waffles. Fun's over… healthy searches increase as the weekend comes to a close and users begin preparing for the week ahead.\", p6:\"Jawbone's own analysis<\/a> identified some of the same dietary trends (kale, quinoa, alcohol), and additionally found that exercise is more common earlier in the week. All of these findings may be explained by the \\\"fresh start effect<\/a>\\\" — people are more likely to work toward their goals after certain temporal landmarks, such as the beginning of a new week.\", p7:\"When users are able to take a comprehensive look at their exercise and eating habits, it enables them to lead a better, healthier life. Now members of the UP community can get a head start on tracking with some of the most popular kale<\/a>, quinoa<\/a> and stir fry<\/a> recipes. Happy tracking!\", p8intro:\"Methodology:\", p8:\"We computed the relative volume of searches containing certain dishes or ingredients on different days of the week using one year of data. The values in the figure are percentage increases/decreases from the mean relative volume over the week. A search is considered \\\"healthy\\\" if a large proportion of matching recipes are healthy, as determined by our machine-learning based recipe healthiness score.\" }, understandingCuisines:{ title:\"Understanding Cuisines\", heading:\"Understanding Cuisines Using a New Dataset from Yummly\", p1:\"What makes a recipe Italian? Thai? Our content ingestion pipeline uses machine learning methods to determine a recipe's cuisine, which facilitates search and personalization.\", p2:\"Want to try out your own algorithms? Now you can! Yummly provided a dataset for Kaggle playground competition<\/a> to predict the cuisine of a recipe given its ingredients. Whose cuisine classifier will reign supreme?\", p3:\"Let's take a brief look at the dataset. A cuisine can often be identified by its distinctive ingredients. The ingredients most associated with each cuisine (using normalized pointwise mutual information) in the training set are:\", p4:\"Piece of cake, right? Recipes with different cuisines often use very similar ingredients. To illustrate this, we used t-SNE (details below) to visualize the training set for the competition in 2D. Each point represents a recipe. Click a cuisine to hide or show its data.\", p5:\"Asian recipes appear together in the upper left part of the plot, and there are clear Indian, Japanese, Mexican, and Cajun clusters, among others. Many other cuisines, however, are highly overlapping, which makes classification more challenging. For example, the center contains a mixture of European (French, Italian, British, Irish, Spanish) and Southern US cuisine.\", p6:\"At Yummly we augment these simple ingredient representations with additional features to improve classification: relationships among ingredients, details of the preparation, and the recipe name, for example. But we also solve a more challenging version of this problem — most recipes are not associated with a cuisine, and some fusion recipes have multiple cuisines.\", p7:\"Hungry for more? Join our growing team.<\/a>\", p8header:\"Notes\", p8:\"We used Jesse Krijthe's R wrapper<\/a> for Laurens van der Maaten's Barnes-Hut implementation<\/a> of t-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding with a perplexity value of 50 on scaled ingredient vectors from the training set.\", p9:\"All of the recipes in the dataset are in English, and consequently may not be \\\"authentic\\\" recipes for the cuisine.\" }, bio:{ greg:{ name:\"Gregory Druck\", title:\"Head of Research\", desc:\"Greg develops algorithms for extracting, structuring, searching, and recommending food-related content. He also analyzes behavioral data to understand the food world.\" } } }, time:{ seconds:\"Seconds\", minutes:\"Minutes\", hours:\"Hours\", days:\"Days\" }, onboarding:{ face:\"%s @ Yummly\", yumRecipePage:{ title:\"Want to save this recipe?\", body:\"Try it! Click the Yum button to add it to your recipe box.\" }, yumJustForYou:{ title:\"See your recommendations!\", body:\"Recipes Just for You<\/strong> based on your tastes and preferences.\" }, gatherPrefs:{ cancel:\"CANCEL\", next:\"NEXT\", none:\"None of these\", prev:\"PREVIOUS\", close:\"Close & use Yummly\", ctaSecondary:\"Already have an account? Login<\/span>\", login:{ header:\"Your <\/span> recipes are waiting.\", tagline:\"Connect to customize your recipe discovery.\", genericRecipe:\"Sign up to get more details about this recipe\", buttons:{ facebook:\"CONNECT WITH FACEBOOK\", google:\"CONNECT WITH GOOGLE\", email:\"CONNECT WITH EMAIL\" }, email:{ email:\"What is your email address?\", forgot:\"Forgot your password?\", password:\"Now select a password\", passwordExisting:\"Please enter your password\", fname:\"Great, now how shall we greet you?\", lname:\"Great, now how shall we greet you?\" } }, demographics:{ header:\"Tell us about yourself\", tagline:\"Lets personalize your experience...\", prompt:\"I am a __age__ year old __gender__ who cooks for __family__\", age:{ prompt:\"Drag the slider to your age\" }, gender:{ female:\"female\", male:\"male\", prompt:\"Choose the gender you identify with\" }, family:{ adults:\"adults\", kids:\"kids\" } }, skills:{ header:\"What is your skill level in the kitchen?\", tagline:\"Lets personalize your experience...\", bubbles:{ beginner:\"Beginner\", intermediate:\"Intermediate\", advanced:\"Advanced\" } }, cuisines:{ header:\"What are your favorite types of food?\", tagline:\"Lets personalize your experience...\" }, diets:{ header:\"Do you have any special diets?\", tagline:\"Your diet preferences\" }, allergies:{ header:\"Do you have any food allergies?\", tagline:\"Your allergy preferences\" }, ingredients:{ add:\"Add your own\", header:\"Tell us what additional ingredients you dislike or have allergies to.\", tagline:\"Your taste preferences\", placeholder:\"Enter ingredient\", promise:\"We'll never show you recipes with any ingredients you add here.\" }, done:{ header:\"Personalizing your experience...\" } } }, hovertext:{ yum:\"Save to your personal recipe box on Yummly, where you can organize your favorite recipes, get personalized recommendations, and convert recipes into shopping lists! Yummly's smart technology can tell you everything about a recipe, including the nutrition, allergens, and flavor profile.\" } }, user:{ anonymous:true, current_url:\"/urb/yum?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.superhealthykids.com%2Forange-creamsicles-and-zoku-pop-maker%2F&title=Orange%20Creamsicle%20Recipe%20and%20Zoku%20Pop%20Maker&image=http%3A%2F%2Fshk-images.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2013%2F05%2FCreamsicle-Closeup.jpg\", previous_url:\"http://www.superhealthykids.com/orange-creamsicles-and-zoku-pop-maker/\", yvCookie:undefined }, enabledFeatures:[ \"show-product-ads-search\", \"recipe-wide-sidebar\", \"attributes-by-type\", \"mixpanel-login-events-backend\", \"disable-global-au-cookie\", \"show-iphone-promo\", \"show-ipad-promo\", \"onboarding-bubble\", \"newrelic-browser\", \"use-adzerk\", \"track-card-viewability\", \"bookmarklet\", \"add-a-recipe\", \"external-yum-button\", \"show-recipe-metadata\", \"android-app-released\", \"show-android-phone-promo\", \"show-android-tablet-promo\", \"publisher-page\", \"use-deep-linking\", \"show-onboarding-diet-preference\", \"show-onboarding-allergy-preference\", \"show-onboarding-disliked-ingredients\", \"email-reg-test\", \"show-onboarding-animation\", \"show-discuss-link\", \"throttle:auth-ip\", \"show-onboarding-demographic-preference\", \"browse-tags\", \"show-download-promo-dismiss\", \"test-title-best\", \"show-onboarding-cuisine-preference\", \"show-onboarding-cooking-skill\", \"android-metatags\", \"dde-test-2\", \"dde-test-1\", \"test-title-tag\", \"dde-test-4\", \"new-manual-login-sheet\", \"move-promoted-recipe\", \"show-login-facebook\", \"move-content-card\", \"inline-email-login\", \"show-login-email\", \"show-login-google\", \"second-pageview-download\", \"animate-recipe-cards\", \"show-shopping-list-essential-ads\", \"use-homefeed-api\", \"persistent-iab-leaderboard\", \"new-auto-login-sheet\", \"auto-login-sheet\", \"persistent-iab-rectangle\", \"update-user-profile-picture\", \"jawbone-up\", \"apple-app-site-association\", \"appleAppSiteAssociation\", \"use-deferred-deep-linking\", \"granular-adzerk-clicks\", \"sites-from-source-table\", \"avoid-s3-file-for-homefeed-ads\", \"welcome-reco-email\", \"sns-tracking\", \"advanced-publisher-buying\", \"write-collection-service\", \"write-collection-service-async\", \"use-durable-links\" ], forms:{ actions:{ back:{ display:\"BACK\" }, forgot:{ display:\"Forgot your password?\" }, hide:{ display:\"HIDE\" }, login:{ display:\"Sign In\" }, register:{ display:\"Join Now\" }, show:{ display:\"SHOW\" }, terms:{ display:\"Terms of Use\", href:\"/terms/\" } }, fields:{ email:{ name:\"email\", display:\"Email Address\", rules:\"required|valid_email\", type:\"email\" }, name:{ name:\"name\", display:\"Your Name\", rules:\"\", type:\"name|alpha\" }, nameFirst:{ name:\"nameFirst\", display:\"First Name\", rules:\"required\", type:\"name\" }, nameLast:{ name:\"nameLast\", display:\"Last Name\", rules:\"required\", type:\"name\" }, password:{ name:\"password\", display:\"Password\", rules:\"required|min_length[6]\", type:\"password\" } }, forgot:{ fields:[ \"email\" ], name:\"forgot\" }, login:{ fields:[ \"email\", \"password\" ], name:\"login\" }, register:{ fields:[ \"nameFirst\", \"nameLast\", \"email\", \"password\" ], name:\"register\" }, reset:{ fields:[ \"password\" ], name:\"reset\" } }, hasAnalyticsCookie:false };window.oldOnload=window.onload||function (){};window.onload=function (){function h(b){var d=document,s='script',t=d.createElement(s),f=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];t.src=b;setTimeout(function (){ ;f.parentNode.insertBefore(t,f)},50);}h('https://s.yumm.ly/yummly-website/affd603972efe164d6ed3ae4dba4b12a87087208/js/yummly.js');window.oldOnload();};

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