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No Churn Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

No Churn Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

No Churn Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Unfortunately my cream didn’t whip even though I put the whipping instruments in the freezer but I decided to go ahead with it anyway. My chocolate chips ALL sunk to the bottom before I put it in the freezer and I am now waiting to see if it turns out. Wish me luck because you can’t buy chocolate chips and peppermint extract here in India and the chips and extract we brought from the US are running low. Let’s hope it’s no all a huge waste

So sorry Rosemary, since the whipped cream didn’t whip for some reason I can’t make any promises Did you use heavy whipping cream? The chocolate chips don’t normally sink to the bottom since the whipped cream being thicker holds them throughout the mixture.

Hi Ellen and Aimee, came across this no churn ice cream recipe and thought I’ll give it a try but quick question before I do! When u mentioned add the chocolate chips to the condensed milk, was wondering if it would melt or sink to the bottom?? Any pointers/ tips??

The chocolate chips won’t melt because the mixture isn’t getting hot or warm at all, they will probably sink to the bottom of the condensed milk mixture some, but when you fold it in with the whipped cream they should get spread throughout. Let me know if you try it!

For those who are having a problem with whipped cream breaking down, I chill my glass bowl before mixin. I also chilled my loaf pan as well. I just made this and its freezing, now! Had a taste after I folded together…IT IS DELICIOUS!!

Great suggestion Mary! Hope you liked it!

Absolutely loved it! Big hit with the family!

So glad you guys all liked it!

I love to make no-churn ice cream, but find it a little sweet. Is there any way to make it (somewhat) less sweet?

It’s hard because the condensed milk is so sweet. You might be able to try using a lesser amount of it, but I’m not sure how it will hold together.

I wish it worked for me.

My whipping cream broke down to a watery mess , spraying milk all over me. Used my Braun handheld mixer .

I think I’d rather churn

So sorry the cream didnt turn into whipping cream for you Marianne, this can happen if the cream hasn’t been kept in the fridge immediately before hand, or if it is over churned it gets waterry before it starts to turn into butter. You can try it with cool whip as well, if you want to give it another try!

The no churn mint chocolate chip ice cream sounds wonderful and I plan to try it, my hubby loves that flavor. I have an odd question…I love the cute ice cream spoon pictured with the mint chocolate chip ice cream and wonder what brand it is and where I might find them. I love fun things like that for my grandchildren. I hope some day they will appreciate all the fun, quirky things I did for them.

The ice cream scoop is the brand farberware. Hope you’ll try the ice cream out though, its delicious

Mint chocolate chip ice cream is my all time favorite. But I live in the Netherlands and I can not get mint chocolate chip ice cream over here. Tonight I tried this recipe. It all went very wel. the only thing is that my chocolate chips, I them choped up in smaller pieces, sunk to the bottom of the mixture. I think I will trie mixing it up after an hour in the freezer. I can hardly wait to taste my home made mint chocolate chip ice cream tomorrow.

Sounds Great! Would regular chocolate chips work?

Felicia, I would use mini chocolate chips, or chop your regular chocolate chips up just a little bit because each regular chocolate chip will be a little big in the ice cream

Hi Aimee, I want to try this. What pan size did you use? 9×9 or 13×9?

Oh you’re going to love this! I poured it into a 3 quart bread pan, so 9×5. The taller pan works well, but if you want it to harden faster a 9×9 would probably work fine too.

I made this for my husband and I the other day. I was skeptical as I grew up using an ice cream machine. My husband is a self- proclaimed dessert connoseur and declared this ice cream to be “better than any ones we have bought so far”. It was delicious!!

I think this is my favorite no churn ice cream yet. Glad you liked it!!

So I wonder how this would work out using coconut cream instead of whip cream. might have to try. Coconut mint and chocolate sounds devine.

Since coconut cream is so sweet you might want to replace the condensed milk instead. That’s what my friend amber did here.http://www.dessertnowdinnerlater.com/2015/02/no-churn-coconut-ice-cream/ you could try that and add the mint extract to it.

YUM, can’t wait to try this recipe, thanks!

Hi All,

I just upon this tasty looking treat and can I say it looks DE-LISH!!!! Now, Im new to the mint dishes, so I don’t want to mess things up. When I see “MINT” in a recipe my mind naturally goes to “mint” and thats it. Now, when it comes to pure mint and pure peppermint extract I have NO CLUE of the difference between them. Is there a huge difference or are they practically the same just one slightly stronger than the other? Thank you for any guidance you can give me.

Hi April, thanks for asking, mint extract is a combination of spearmint and peppermint, where as peppermint extract is obviously just peppermint. Most mint desserts actually use peppermint extract because that is the typical flavor – if you use mint extract it might taste a little bit more like gum.

THANK YOU AIMEE SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!! Now, I just have to find some where Im living.

OOOO…I can so see this with fresh strawberries

Seeing this recipe this morning, caught my eye, so beautifully GREEN!! I will definitely give this a try!! New to your site, and I will give it a looksy, wondering do you have other flavors of non-churned ice cream you’ve made? Hubs is an ice cream, how do I say it without being mean….FREAK!! The boy could eat ice cream twice a day, everyday of the week….Well who couldn’t? My butay would never forgive me for it!!

Thank you so so much Lisa! Your husband will LOVE this ice cream. Right now I only have 1 other no churn ice cream posted, its a pumpkin pie ice cream and I think its so good! http://lmld.org/2014/09/23/pumpkin-pie-ice-cream/

I’m working on getting a few more up soon though, including a key lime pie ice cream soon. Be sure to follow our blog so you can see when we post new ones. And until then, my friend Amber has a few! http://www.dessertnowdinnerlater.com/?s=no+churn+ice+cream

Mint chocolate chip is our favorite ice cream! I love that this is a no churn recipe too – I seriously can’t wait to try it! It looks amazing!

Thanks Kelly! I promise you’ll love it!

oh my goodness this looks incredible

Thank you Marissa! I think you’d love it!

I will totally have to give this a try! Mint was always my favorite flavor growing up. Now I have so many favorites, but this will always be in the top five!

I’m with ya, I have like 10 favorites! You definitely need to give this one a try!

This looks excellent! My family loves mint chocolate chip!

Thank you so much!

I really need to jump on the no churn band wagon, this looks awesome!

You definitely do. So many good flavors and so easy!

Oooh…who doesn’t have 50 favorite ice-cream flavors! I doooo happen to have a little bit of mint extract, dark chocolate, and cream in the kitchen…I just have to get my hands on sweetened condensed milk, and I’m totally game for trying this little piece of heaven!

Exactly. Almost every ice cream flavor is amazing, right? You DEFINITELY need to try it!

This looks like such a beautiful ice cream. I don’t want to scoop it, lol. I love no churn ice cream. It’s so easy to make it homemade.

Thank you so much Stephanie! Once you taste it, you won’t mind scooping the heck out of it!

This is my favorite kind, aside from Moosetracks. I am going to have to try this!

I think you’ll love it!

nope, not sick of mint and chocolate!!! I love that you don’t really need an ice cream maker for this!! thanks for the recipes.

Thank YOU Emily!

I will never tire of mint desserts! Yum!

Thank you Debra!

Ok I’ve never made homemade ice cream and I really want to try some out! This looks like a delicious recipe!

Thanks Emily, its so easy like this! You’ve got to try it!

Wow! Can’t wait to try this. My son will love it!

Yes he will! Thanks!

I love easy ice cream recipes like this one! And it doesn’t hurt that it’s mint chocolate chip either!

Thank you Natalie! Aren’t easy ice creams the best?!

Wow! That looks like the real deal from Cold Stone or Baskin Robins. I’ve always wanted to try to make my own ice cream and you make it look so easy. Chocolate chip mint is one of my favorites too. Alright, I might have to get domestic and give it a shot.

It really is SUPER easy. You HAVE to try it!

It’s seriously that easy to make? I can’t wait to try this!!!

And no, I will never get tired of mint chocolate desserts. Never. Ever.

I’m glad you’re with me on the mint chocolate chip desserts! And it REALLY is that easy. Hope you try it!

Yum, I love that you don’t need an ice cream machine for this recipe. Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream is my favorite!

Seriously, its so easy! And I love mint chocolate chip too!

I LOVE the idea of no churn ice cream. We just don’t have room in our tiny urban kitchen for an ice cream maker.

I’ve been loving no churn ice creams lately. Even though we do have an ice cream maker, I almost prefer these no churn versions!

and you can put it in ice cream maker too

I haven’t tried it in the ice cream maker, but it may work too!

This looks A-MAZING! And also super festive just in time for St. Patty’s Day! Repinning

Thanks so much! I agree, its the perfect treat for St. Patrick’s Day!

Are you guys sick of me sharing mint chocolate desserts yet? I sure hope not because I’ve got this amazing no churn mint chocolate chip ice cream recipe for you today, and a couple more mint chocolate recipes coming later this week and next too.

Save this No Churn Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream for later

This mint chocolate chip ice cream is made without an ice cream maker, so you can have delicious and creamy homemade ice cream even if you don’t have an ice cream maker (or if you forget to put your bowl in the freezer several hours ahead of time – which is always my problem!). You only need a few ingredients and it only takes a few minutes of prep work and then you just have to be patient while your ice cream freezes and you’re ready to go.

I’ve ended up having my morning free for taking pictures of this ice cream on Saturday, and of course after scooping a big bowlful of ice cream for the pictures, I couldn’t help but eat a few bites. Its totally an acceptable breakfast though right? I mean, its just like drinking a big glass of milk. Haha!

So this mint chocolate chip ice cream is made with whipping cream, sweetened condensed milk, peppermint extract, green food coloring (optional – you can leave it white if you want), and chopped up chocolate bits. And the result is a seriously creamy, perfectly mint ice cream with those glorious chunks of chocolate throughout.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream is actually one of my favorite flavors of ice cream. But if we’re being honest, I probably have 10 favorites

Enjoy this creamy mint ice cream with big chunks of chocolate!


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Original article and pictures take http://lmld.org/2015/03/02/no-churn-mint-chocolate-chip-ice-cream/ site

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