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Lemonade Ice Cream

Lemonade Ice Cream

Lemonade Ice Cream

Lemonade Ice Cream is the perfect summer combination of two favorite summertime treats – ice cream and lemonade all in one.

Summer came early to the Northwest this year and it has stayed. Temperatures have been in the high 90’s for several weeks now and we aren’t quite sure how to handle that here in the NW. As a result of all the warm weather, my summer ice cream cravings kicked in early. Besides ice cream, another one of my favorite summer treats is lemonade so I decided to combine the two together today with lemonade ice cream. My lemonade cravings have been going strong so far this season. It started with this yummy Chick -fil-a frosted lemonade and then continued on to Frosted Freckled Lemonade. I get on a kick with something and I have a hard time stopping, this summer it is lemonade flavored things!!

You will need an ice cream maker for this one and I love using my favorite Cusinart Ice Cream Maker.

This recipe requires a little cooking and cooling so plan ahead. Because there are eggs in the recipe you must cook the custard and then temper the eggs. This basically means is that you have to add some of the hot milk mixture into the egg yolks, just a little at the time so that the eggs don’t cook. No one wants scrambled eggs in their ice cream. It’s easy to do, just takes a bit of time. Then you have to let the ice cream mixture chill before putting it in your ice cream maker.

Ones the mixture has cooled, it’s ready to add to your ice cream maker and let it process. Then, you’re ready to enjoy, whether in a dish or in a cone! I’m a cone girl

Original article and pictures take http://www.yourhomebasedmom.com/lemonade-ice-cream/ site

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