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Jamie's piccalilli

Jamie's piccalilli

Jamie's piccalilli

How can you measure 2 Handfuls of FINE Sea salt. This has to be wrong! Surely using a teaspoon or otherwise would be more accurate.

It isn't as much as it sounds, because you shall drain the vegetables before having it in the pan, and then it doesn't come that much salt in the picalilli as it sounds.

This is the best part of a rustic dish such as this, every one is a little different, part of it's charm really. For your own creativity, guess is best. Sure there are some things you need to be accurate with, but in this case, the salt is there to add to water to salt veggies a little, so is spot on accuracy necessary? No not really, let loose, give in to your wild side, be adventurous.

After spooning the hot piccalilli into sterilized jars, is it necessary to process them in a water bath ?

Strange... I tried to make this recipe from my Jamie Oliver cookbook (Jamies Great Britain, Dutch translation, \"te gast bij Jamie\").

In this translation it said that I had to use 1 cauliflower, and only 200 mL vinegar. I ended up with some yellow colored veggies, but no sauce... So then I looked up this recipe if there was anything lost in translation?? Anyway, I've put in a bit more fluid (vinegar and water), let's hope for the best...

How long do wait before I can eat this? Most recipes say a couple of months but is this the same for this recipe?

I have a big jar of piccallili leftover from Christmas - does anyone have any ideas of tasty ways to use it up?

I used to buy a piccalilli sauce at the store many years ago. We used it for a condiment with our beef, pork, and chicken and it was the best pickle relish you could buy but now it isn't sold in Canada anymore. If what you have tastes anything like what I used to buy use it with any meat as it is delicious.

It's well in date it's just it's in a really nice mason jar I want to pinch to make my overnight oats in :)

Gareth's post got me thinking. I have always read there were rules around canning, fermenting with preservatives like salt. Questions: 1. Does the sugar pick up the slack here if handfuls of salt vary? 2. Is this a ferment, if so how long before fridge? Maybe all these answers are in video. Don't see an option to watch video as mentioned in recipe steps. 3. Do I need to be in UK to watch video? Love this website, thanks! Please advise on questions

I've recently made some of this, Jamie, and I have to say this recipe rocks! Picalilli never tasted so good :-)

After watching how to do it last night.....Gotta make it!

My mom always made piccalilli and it was our favorite food on just about everything. You've reminded me of piccalilli Jamie, now I've gotta make some to go on my burgers (raw nut version, ha!)

the book says 200ml white vinegar?

Original article and pictures take http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/vegetables-recipes/jamie-s-piccalilli/#2ESF5ybuBKhByIPd.97 site

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