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Ham & Hash Brown Breakfast Wraps (without eggs)

Ham & Hash Brown Breakfast Wraps (without eggs)

Ham & Hash Brown Breakfast Wraps (without eggs)

Happy Friendsgiving to all of you! These easy Greek Salad Cups feature perfectly seasoned shells baked crisp and are filled with zesty Greek inspired lamb. A topping of juicy tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers and feta cheese make them totally irresistible! I’m so excited to have partnered with Flatout Bread and the American Lamb Board to bring you this delicious recipe just in time for your Friendsgiving snacking festivities!


Greek Salad Cups

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If your family is far away or you just need a great excuse to get together with your friends this fall, I’m going to guess that you will be celebrating Friendsgiving!

To me, Friendsgiving is loaded with fun, friends and food (not always in that order). Don’t pack away your stretchy pants just yet; while some people serve the traditional turkey dinner fare at Friendsgiving, we prefer to go with an appetizer potluck table!

This year for Thanksgiving I will be away from my family…. enter FRIENDSGIVING! That’s right, a day and meal to celebrate and be thankful with those who know me best… and still like me anyhow!?

Rather than one person slaving away all day long creating a traditional turkey dinner, we have everyone just pitch in a dish. The result is a no fuss Friendsgiving Feast filled with amazing nibbles and cocktails (and less dishes)! We set aside a moment for each person to share one thing they are thankful for over the past year, a reminder of how blessed we really are.

My contribution this year is in the form of a yummy hand held Greek Cup… definitely a favorite at our table!

These delicious Greek Salad Cups feature a nice light and crisp oregano dusted shell filled with a zesty rich Greek inspired ground lamb filling. The whole thing is topped off with our favorite Greek salad inspired ingredients! Ripe juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, creamy feta cheese and crisp red onion. We love to drizzle them with fresh tzatziki.

FoldIt flatbreads are perfect for filling with your favorite sandwich ingredients, and recently I realized they’d also be the perfect size to fit in a muffin tin. They come in two circles, attached at one end. Simply separate the circles, season and place into a muffin tin. This provides the perfect little cup for pretty much any type of filling (sweet or savory).

The FoldIt flatbreads can be baked up to 24 hours ahead of time and sealed in an airtight container making this a perfect holiday dish!

Ground lamb just adds a deliciously rich flavor to these cups! Once browned a splash of red wine adds depth while a hint of hummus gives a lovely velvety texture. (This lamb filling would also be great wrapped up in a Flatout Flat bread for a delicious dinner wrap too)! Because the toppings are so juicy, we like to add them just before serving and set out the tzatziki for each person to drizzle on themselves.

I am also super excited to share that Flatout has teamed up with American Lamb to donate $12K to Friendsgiving for No Kid Hungry. Every time you share an image of lamb, flatout or Friendsgiving be sure to use the hashtag #FlatoutLamb … $1 will be donated to No Kid Hungry.

However you decide to celebrate your Friendsgiving this year, I wish you a safe and happy holiday season! May your friends be many, your table be full… and your pants be stretchy.

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