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Ding Dong Cupcakes

Ding Dong Cupcakes

Ding Dong Cupcakes

This is absolutely sinful, decadent, and delicious!! WOW!! Diet?? Whose on a diet. Not with this kind of recipe around. YUM!! Jen, I simply can’t wait to make these. Have you tried doing anything with Twinkies??

haha – its never a good day to start a diet with a food blog :)! I am excited for you to try these too! I haven’t tried anything with twinkies but I need too – they are an old school fav for sure! I’ll work on it ��

OF COURSE you would make these �� Ahhh they look so incredible!!! It’s like what ding dong dreams are made of �� And judging by how delicious that cake was that you brought to our conference I am sure I would be drooling all over these and cheating ��

bahaha! I would make these, so I could eat these :)! they are definitely a great excuse to cheat, highly recommend it �� You are so sweet, so happy you enjoyed the cake! That was so fun, I am anxious for another retreat so we can all get together! xo

These look delicious! In the directions, you say to whisk the water, cocoa powder and chocolate chips until smooth – I assume they should be melted first?

Hi Natalie! No, the heat of the boiling water will melt the chocolate chips. You can either microwave the water to boiling or boil it on the stove – just be sure to boil more than 1/2 cup then measure out half a cup to use. Hope this helps, enjoy!

Oops! Missed the boiling water part �� makes sense now – thanks!

No worries! You are so welcome!

My mom tried it for me because I am favorite of sweet recipes. Ding Dong Cupcakes made me a kid to eat 7 cupcakes at a time.

LOL! 7 at a time is the best way to eat cupcakes! I’m so glad they made you feel like a kid again ��

Omg! Yes you everything about these. I have a stash of junk food in he house at all times, though I ration it because. … you know …. moderation. ��

LOL! and yay for a stash of junk food! Moderation is best in all things, right? – except maybe Ding Dong Cupcakes ��

Do you have to use a mixer for the cake mixture?

Nope! you can definitively whisk by hand – enjoy Barb!

SOOO DELICIOUS! I just made these for a Halloween party and I’m sure kids gonna love them! I sure am in LOVE with this recipe! <3 Thank you!

YAY! I am thrilled you loved them so much and what a fun Halloween Treat! Thank you Kristine!!

Ding Dong Cupcakes are rich, moist and chocolaty stuffed with creamy marshmallow filling and smothered in a silky chocolate ganache! You will never want to buy Ding Dongs from the store again!

Instead of stocking stuffers for Christmas every year, I stuff my Target cart to overflowing with a whole lot of nothing – beef jerky, Pringles, trail mix, everything Little Debbies and everything Hostess and on and on – all the junk food we never buy – all bought at once for Patrick, because they are his favorites – including lots and lots of Ding Dongs. So now that our stash of Ding Dong’s are long gone, I figured it was time for homemade Ding Dongs! Luckily, I spotted a recipe for Ding Dong Cupcakes from Cook’s Country and I knew that if they were anything like my Homemade Little Debbie’s Oatmeal Creme Pies then they were going to be better than the original. These are better than the original.

These Ding Dong Cupcakes start with a rich, moist, chocolaty cupcake that is double infused with chocolate from cocoa powder and melted chocolate chips. The cupcakes are so moist that you can’t use a pastry bag to pump the filling right into the center (a very good sign). Instead, you cut the center out to make room for your creamy marshmallow filling that is a delectable mixture of marshmallow creme, butter and some gelatin to help it set. You might be tempted to leave out the gelatin but the filling sinks without it – with it, its perfectly creamy, perfectly delicious…

And perfectly ready for you to devour…

And to become one of your new favorites year-round!

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