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Cheesy Taco Soup

Cheesy Taco Soup

Cheesy Taco Soup

love a good taco soup, already planning on making this soon so this only made me more excited!

YAY! There is nothing quite so comforting as a good taco soup – can’t wait for you to try this version!

Hi Jen! This is perfect fr the cooler weather we are having! I was thinking about tacos the other day, but you just redirected me to a nice warm bowl of comfort!

YAY! I am so happy you are making this soon – it seriously is one of my favorites with so many flavors and textures! I hope you love it and it warms you up on a cold day! xo

Yes! Yes! Yes! I am all in. I’ve got my bowl and super large spoon. I hope you have some left. It sounds delicious!! Just in case you don’t have any leftover for me I’m pinning to make this! Thank you, I think. I’m thinking of all I have to do to use up those delicious calories.

LOL! a big bowl, big spoon and plenty of chips is the only right way to eat this soup! Seeing as I was the only one home when I made this soup, there were leftovers – but they were gone the next day �� Hope you love the delicious calories – the only way calories should taste ��

LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog

THANK you so much Lisa!! That means so much to me! xo

30 minute ONE POT Cheesy Taco Soup is the ultimate comforting soup packed with all your favorite taco flavors and is SO easy and great for crowds! You haven’t had taco soup until you try this version!

The first time I tried Taco Soup was as a young teenager at my sisters home. My married sister loved to cook and experiment and the “7 Can Taco Soup” was wildly popular at the time. As I spooned the frito topped soup into my mouth I was enthralled at the idea of eating taco soup! Since then, Taco Soup has continued to be a favorite of mine (and probably the rest of the world), but my Cheesy Taco Soup version is my ultimate favorite.

My Cheesy Taco Soup recipe is based off of my Cheesy Chili Dip. The first time I made this dip, I instantly knew I would make it into a soup one day so we could all shovel it into our mouths even quicker than a dip and call it dinner. And what an easy, dinner it is. It is also a wonderful make ahead meal that you can refrigerate and reheat or keep on the stovetop on low or even add to your slow cooker on the warm setting. You can double or triple it for crowds and it will still only take you 30 minutes!

The almost dump and run soup begins by browning your beef with onions, then adding your spices, garlic, bell peppers and sprinkling with flour to help it thicken and creamify. Then comes the “dumping” of black beans, kidney beans, enchilada sauce, salsa, green chilies, and chicken broth. The addition of enchilada sauce and salsa really elevates and enlivens this fiestalicious Cheesy Taco Soup and of course then there’s the cheese…

Melt in some cream cheese then stir in half cheddar and half pepper Jack cheese for creamy, Cheesy Taco Soup!

Then its topping time! Sour cream is a must for me. And avocados. And chips. Lots of chips. But there is no right or wrong when it comes to toppings – the option to customize your soup with whatever toppings fit your mood is part of the fun! The only wrong thing about this soup is not making it soon. very soon.

Cheesy Taco Soup – a new quick and easy family favorite that your kids and company will beg you to make over and over again!

Want to try this Best EVER Cheesy Taco Soup?

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