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Balsamic Beef Roast and Veggies

Balsamic Beef Roast and Veggies

Balsamic Beef Roast and Veggies

If you were to make a gravy with the juices, how would you make it?

I would probably do a mixture of butter and flour (equal parts) on the stovetop, then add the hot juices. Or do a cornstarch slurry (cold water and cornstarch whisked together) and add that directly to the slow cooker in to the juices, and turn it on to high until it thickens.


8 hours

SAys right on her recipe!!

Could I brown the meat & put everything in the pot the night before and put it on in the morning? Would I need to add extra cooking time because it would be cold from the fridge?

Hi! I worry about the slow cooker cracking if you pull it from the fridge than turn the hot crock pot on. You could put the veggies in a ziplock bag. And have everything else ready to go in the morning (pan, oil and spices out). I hope this helps.

Great Recipe! I will surely try this!

Definitely trying this one as pot roast is Grampy’s favorite dinner! Thanks!

Don’t you have to add water or beef broth to the crockpot???

No the balsamic is enough liquid to get it going, then the beef while produce quite a bit of juices while it cooks.

Does the onion taste come out strong? My family doesn’t like onions, but I don’t want to ruin the recipe by leaving them out!

I don’t think they taste strong at all.

Pot roast is in the crock pot right now! Can’t wait to taste it!

Can I add a tine of chopped tomatoes to this recipe? It sounds rather tasteless otherwise

If you add the tomatoes I would add extra seasonings to flavor them. I’m sorry my recipe sounds tasteless to you.

This sounds great! Going to make this for tomorrow. Do you think this would taste bad with sweet potatoes?

No! I think it would be great! I use sweet potatoes all the time in the crock pot!

Do you think it would still be as good if I don’t sear the meat first? Not that I don’t want to…but I’m a little groggy(…lazy) and usually end up rushing my mornings! Just in case I didn’t have the time. This looks incredible, I am so excited to try it tomorrow!

I think it will be fine! When I worked full-time I rarely browned my meat before putting it in the slow cooker.

I would rather eat a good pot roast over a grilled steak any day. That may be why I love my slow cooker so much. This Balsamic Beef Roast and Veggies is that perfect meal I dream of, I love to take a bite of meat, potato, and carrot all at the same time. Pure Heaven.

What is balsamic vinegar? Have you ever been to an Italian restaurant where they serve olive oil and vinegar to dip your bread in? That dark vinegar is Balsamic. Good stuff. I though why not cook with it, and the results were awesome. The balsamic vinegar and beef go wonderfully together.

Next time I make this I am going to make gravy with the juices, don’t know why I didn’t think to do until after I was done eating. Though it was good with juice the meat juices.

This is the balsamic I used, you can find it next to the other vinegars at the store.

I didn’t chunk up the carrots like I normally do. I peeled these smaller organic carrots with the stems still on. If I was going to use a bigger carrot, I would definitely chunk them up. These thin carrots look pretty on a dinner plate whole, but big giant carrots uncut would look like a cave man meal.

I moved the carrots over so you could see everything after it had cooked. Delicious!

This Balsamic Beef Roast and Veggies had my whole family’s approval! And the recipe made plenty for lunch the next day. What I love about this recipe is that it is made with healthy ingredients. Nothing artificial.

I used my 6-quart Oval Crock Pot for this recipe. I think I’ve used this slow cooker for the last 5 recipes on the blog!

3-4 pound beef roast (either chuck or bottom round)

1- 1.5 pounds carrots, peeled (cut up if the are large carrots)

Sprinkle the roast with the salt and pepper. Set a large pan over medium-high heat on the stove top. Coat the pan with cooking oil. When the oil is hot, brown the meat on all sides. Place the roast into the slow cooker. Arrange the potatoes and onion around the roast, sprinkle over the garlic, oregano, and thyme.

Drizzle over the balsamic vinegar. Add the carrots on top of the roast.

Cover and cook on LOW for 8 hours without opening the lid during the cooking time.

Slice or shred the meat, serve with the potatoes, carrots and onion. Drizzle over juices.


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