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Baked Garlic Potato Slices

Baked Garlic Potato Slices

Baked Garlic Potato Slices

By baking pan do you mean a baking sheet with the potatoes NOT overlapping or will a large iron skillet work?

Baking sheet with olive oil. With a skillet, are you thinking of frying? I suppose you could do that. I like mine baked.

Approximately how long do they bake if sliced rather thin?

Gail, you should be checking on the potatoes and turning them every 15 minutes until they are to your satisfaction. I don't bake-and-forget when making these.

Suggestions on herbs and spices?

Cheryl, I usually don't add any herbs and spices when I make these. For me, it's the dipping sauce that makes it all taste fantastic. But I'm partial to any herb/spices mix that's kinda lemony and peppery, such as those from McCormick.

Do you like potatoes? Do you like them for snacks?

More importantly, do you like being healthy? If so, then welcome to my simple recipe for baked garlic potato slices. And thank you!

This is one of those fun dishes to make with potatoes. Think of it as an alternative to french fries.

Potatoes are cooked in an oven not an oil pan. If you love making easy snacks, then a batch of sliced baked potatoes is one way to go.

More importantly, this is healthy.

Easy Baked Garlic Potato Slices

Here are the ingredients:

2-4 Whole potatoes;


finely chopped garlic;

herbs and spices (your choice)


Preheat oven to 400 deg F.

Slice potatoes into desired thickness. Thinner is crispier is better.

Cut them with a knife. Or use a mandoline.

The next step is key. You have to rinse the potatoes with water to remove starch.

Removing starch from each potato slice is very important because it keeps the slices from becoming soggy when they bake. Then dry with paper towel.

In a large bowl, mix olive oil, salt, chopped garlic, and your choice of herbs. Add the potatoes and continue to mix until each slice is evenly coated.

Place each slice of potato in a baking pan and stick pan in oven. Turn potatoes every 15 minutes until golden brown.

Remove from oven. Serve while hot.

You can use any type of dipping sauce. I prefer ranch dressing and/or Thousand Islands.

More importantly for the healthy conscious, use low fat versions of dipping sauces. Simple enough, right?

Can you use more healthy eating tips? Click here.

A close up view:

Other things I'm thinking of is using my slow cooker to cook potatoes. But for this recipe, using a mandoline is real easy. This video below demonstrates how simple it can be:

Original article and pictures take http://www.foodfunandhappiness.com/2013/07/baked-garlic-potato-slices.html?m=1 site

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