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100% Whole Wheat Chocolate Cupcakes (gluten-free, all-purpose options)

100% Whole Wheat Chocolate Cupcakes (gluten-free, all-purpose options)

100% Whole Wheat Chocolate Cupcakes (gluten-free, all-purpose options)

Claims that this is the best gluten-free chocolate cake ever are NOT over rated. I have made this recipe several times and each time, the cupcakes are fantastic.

For Canadian readers, I use Bulk Barn’s 1:1 gluten free flour mix (in place of Erin’s suggested Bob’s Red Mills) and the results are great. I also freeze any leftover cupcakes 24 hours after baking. The flour I use takes on a faint “beany” under-taste on day 2 that slowly increases as days go by. Freezing prevents this.

Wow, thanks! I’m thrilled that you like them so much. :) Thanks again for leaving the tip for the Canadian readers! I’m sure that’ll help others. And good to know about the beany taste and freezing them! Thanks for your two comments today. :)

I think I need to do some baking today. These look delicious, I’ve been craving sweet things lately and this will fit the bill perfectly.

I think you do, too. ;) I hope you’ll enjoy them! They should definitely satisfy your sweets craving. Thanks for your comment!

hi :-) can I use natural unsweetened cocoa/hershey’s cocoa powder for this recipe? thank u

Sure! That’ll work fine. I just prefer the darker kind. Enjoy! :)

I love this idea for a kids’ birthday party! Healthier but not quite the texture of paleo baked goods is perfect for little ones (and adults alike)! YUM!

Thanks! I bet little ones would like my paleo cupcakes, too. ;) But it’s hard to compete with wheat!

YUM!! I love using whole wheat and spelt. You are right the weight measurements can make a difference. When I tested those recipes for your cookbook I did one by cups. I had ground my own wheat and it was so light and airy it was not enough flour. It didn’t turn out so good. Then I weighed the flour and it was a big difference. Might not have been so much had I not just ground my own instead of using store-bought.

Exactly! It’s super important to weigh your ingredients and especially when you grind your own flour. :) I hope you try these! I bet you’d love them. :)

Made these for a family bbq on Saturday and finished them off on Wednesday and they were JUST as moist and delicious. Can’t wait to try some of your other recipes!

Wow, they lasted a long time. :) That’s great. And I’m happy they were enjoyed at the BBQ! Thanks for your comment.

The best chocolate cake I have ever baked. Moist, rich, and full of goodness.

Yay! I’m so happy you liked it. Thanks for your comment!

Best recipe ever!! I used water instead of milk and a tad less sugar. Sooooo good. I made a quadruple batch and it was GONE in 2 days. Thank you!

Woohoo! I’m so happy that you liked them. :) Thanks for your comment!

Amazing texture and totally loved it..thanks for a recipe.

Awesome! I’m happy they came out well. Thanks for your feedback!

I dont have cocoa powder, can I sub it with dark chocolate bars in anyway? Thanks…

That unfortunately won’t work. You really need cocoa powder for this recipe! Sorry about that.

Hi Erin, out of curiosity,,,will the eggs not get scrambled in boiling water?

They won’t! Promise. :)

Hi Erin,

Thanks for the recipe. I made the cupcakes this afternoon and they turned out delicious! I grow some chocolate mint in my backyard so I decided to sprinkle some shredded leaves in the batter (yum!). I didn’t make the frosting, but sprinkled some chocolate chips on top. Double yum! This one is a keeper. Thanks again!

Hi Yany! I’d love to try these with chocolate mint. That sounds delicious. :) Thanks for the tip and for your comment! I’m so happy that you enjoyed them. And my apologies for the slow reply! I just got back from vacation and wasn’t able to access the page from my laptop where I approve and reply to comments. Sorry again!

Hi again Erin! Not a problem. Hope you enjoyed your vacation! I am trying another of your recipes today (the zucchini chocolate brownies)… Can’t wait for them to come out of the oven… I am trying to keep my baking to once every two weeks or so, but it’s so hard with all these yummy recipes. Keep them coming! :)

Hi there! I did indeed, thanks. :) And ooh… I hope you enjoyed the zucchini brownies! Those are a favorite of mine. Thanks a bunch for your nice comment! :)

This is my favorite chocolate cupcake recipe!! Could it be made it into a cake?

So happy you like them! They’re my favorite chocolate cupcakes / cake ever. You can bake these in two 9-inch pans for about 30 minutes. Maybe check at 25 minutes to be on the safe side. I mentioned you in my latest post! Did you see? :)

I did see that! I made this recipe in a 13×9 and baked it for 30 minutes. I used my KoMo to mill fresh white wheat! Turned out great, just like the cupcakes.

Happy Birthday to me!

I hope you had a great birthday! And thanks for sharing the baking time for a 9×13. :)

Made these and they are the most delicious thing i have ever baked in my whole life! For the cupcakes I used whole grain spelt for the flour, 1 cup of maple syrup in place of the sugar, cacao instead of cocoa and for the frosting i used 1/3 cup maple syrup instead of the sugar, doubled the vanilla and omitted the coffee powder. So easy to make.

Wow! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed them so much and I love your healthy subs. :) Especially the switch to maple syrup! I’ll have to try that next time. Thanks a bunch for your feedback!

Absolutely delicious (cooked and raw! – couldn’t keep my fingers out of the bowl!) I made it with 1/2 cup coconut sugar, 1/2 cup white sugar and 1/2 cup agave nectar. Also I used Chapati flour and it turned out amazing! Will definitely make this again as I doubt the 24 cupcakes and 6 Madeleines will last too long in my house.

Haha. I love the batter, too! I’d never heard of Chapati flour before but it sounds interesting. I’m so happy you enjoyed the cupcakes! Thanks a ton for your feedback. :)

I found this recipe last week and have already made two halved batches of the cupcakes using sugar(not the icing-I went for chocolate on chocolate). Absolutely delicious. Thank you!

I’m so happy you enjoyed them! You can never go wrong with chocolate frosting on cupcakes. ;) Thanks for your feedback!

The cupcakes were moist. The batter was runny looking but it all worked out. I did not use the icing either. I substituted honey for sugar. I might add more honey next time.

It’s supposed to be runny, almost like water, so the batter was fine. :) I’m happy you enjoyed the cupcakes! Thanks for your feedback.

Erin, you struck gold! …And now so have I. I thought I would never be able to fully enjoy another chocolate cupcake without stressing over the processed and refined ingredients within. I made your cupcakes (the honey version) exactly as instructed and they came out perfectly! They were moist, springy, and heavenly. Not sure where people are getting the sticky outcome from. My cupcakes did sort of glisten, but were by no means sticky. I used 100% whole wheat pastry flour and I only had to bake for 14 minutes. I used extra virgin olive oil, though I was really tempted to use coconut oil instead (especially since someone else used it successfully), however I try not to steer away from a recipe the first time I make it ESPECIALLY when it comes to baking. Great recipe! This is definitely a keeper!

Oh, I forgot to mention that I did not make the icing. It had a couple of ingredients in it I was not comfortable with (i.e. cream cheese and powdered sugar). I will keep searching for an icing recipe, however these were great without any icing.

I don’t like the powdered sugar, either. :( But I’m with you – I like these even without the icing!

I think only one person mentioned the sticky thing and I kind of know what they mean. They’re not sticky really but ultra moist and like you said, they glisten. :) And that’s awesome that you like to follow the recipe the first time you make it! Most of my readers seem really good about that but I read so many comments on other blogs saying that they changed every other ingredient and the end product was the worst XYZ they’d ever had. I wonder why. ;) Thanks a ton for your feedback! I’m so happy that you enjoyed them.

Tried out this recipe for my birthday last weekend; used honey (trying to cut down on refined sugars in my diet) and they were a total hit! I will definitely be trying out more of your recipes; I love that there’s multiple healthy adaptations/substitutions :-)

Thank you! It’s good to know that the options are appreciated. :) I’m so happy that these came out well for you. Thanks a ton for your feedback and I hope you had a great birthday!

That was the wonderful cake it turned out to be. Thanks for giving a healthy bite. one question though. It is little sticky.. is it supposed to be like that? otherwise it was just awesome.

A little stick sounds about right. You could bake it a little longer to see if that makes it less sticky! Thanks for your feedback. So happy you liked the recipe!


I made it again and this time it was perfect ? .

Just wanted to know one more thing , can we make vanilla cupcake also with wheat flour ?

If yes then plz let me know the ratio of all ingredients.

Thanx a lot ?

I’m happy that they worked this time! I knew something had to be wrong last time. :) You can make vanilla cupcakes with whole wheat flour but not using this recipe. For that, you’d need to google “whole wheat vanilla cupcakes.” Good luck on your next whole wheat attempt. :)

These 100% whole wheat chocolate cupcakes are made just a little healthier with less sugar (or honey!) and are incredibly moist. Can also be made with all-purpose or gluten-free flour and they’re naturally dairy-free.

I first posted this recipe almost 5 years ago. It’s my favorite chocolate cake or cupcake recipe and it’s ruined almost all other chocolate cake recipes for me. They’re never moist enough.

I do love my paleo chocolate cupcakes but they have a totally different texture and they can’t really be compared.

I thought I should try making this whole wheat recipe gluten-free so I tried them first with buckwheat. That resulted in some funky weirdness. They tasted… floral.

So then I tried them with Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free 1-to-1 baking flour and they worked perfectly! If you use that, I really recommend going by the weight I list in the recipe rather than using measuring cups. I always recommend that, but especially when it comes to gluten-free flours. :)

There are two ways you can make these cupcakes when it comes to sweetener: with sugar or with honey. The texture using sugar is mind-blowingly awesome. It’s the moistest chocolate cake ever. Kind of fudgy, even. Pretty much everyone who tastes this cake says it’s the best chocolate cake they’ve ever had.

The version with sugar is, in my opinion, tastier than the honey version, but with two cups of sugar, which the original recipes calls for, it’s kind of ridiculous. It also works with 1 1/2 cups sugar (but it’s even yummier with 2 cups!).

The honey version is almost as good. I used one cup of honey instead of two cups of sugar and it’s pretty awesome.

The taste is almost as good as the two cups of sugar version but the texture is like normal chocolate cake, and not like the super duper moist and fudgy original recipe. I’m thinking with the frosting, nobody would even notice.

And if you’re wondering if you can taste the whole wheat in these whole wheat chocolate cupcakes – definitely not! I’ve made them dozens of times and when I decided to replace all of the white flour with whole wheat (or whole spelt), nobody noticed. The gluten-free version also tastes the same as the all-purpose flour version.

I used this healthier cream cheese frosting to top these cupcakes off but this vegan chocolate fudge frosting would also be great! Hope y’all enjoy them. :)

Note: The pictures were updated in September, 2016

Original article and pictures take http://www.texanerin.com/100-whole-wheat-chocolate-cupcakes/ site

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