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10 Incredibly Adorable Wedding Party Photos

10 Incredibly Adorable Wedding Party Photos

10 Incredibly Adorable Wedding Party Photos

One of the best part about weddings is the photos. Emotional photos of the ceremony itself, hilarious Facebook pics of tipsy aunts at the reception, and of course, the beautiful photos of the wedding party. While many people choose to go the elegant, traditional route with their wedding party photos, others like to have a little more fun with it. Jump pics, funny faces, and general hilarious cuteness are present in all of these spectacular wedding photos.

Minneapolis at it's best!

A photo posted by Katie Fears (@katiefears) on Sep 28, 2016 at 1:01pm PDT

1. Large and In Charge

This wedding party is HUGE. It seems that this couple decided to include every single one of their closest friends and relatives in their wedding pictures. Which gives this particular photo a whole nother level of cuteness. This picture definitely isn’t flawless, and it isn’t perfectly coordinated. Some of the people have already landed on the ground, while others haven’t even left it. It’s full of funny candid faces and goofy gestures. Even with all of these imperfections, it’s absolutely amazing. You can almost feel the happiness radiating off of this group.

A photo posted by Sarah Barth (@sarahbarthimages) on Aug 21, 2016 at 4:17pm PDT

2. Taste The Rain

This good-natured group didn’t let a little bit of rain ruin their day or their photo. Instead of running for cover, they decided to embrace the drizzle in an amazing way. Along with the absolutely gorgeous scenery, this photo is equal parts absolutely beautiful and crazy adorable.

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A photo posted by TropLV Weddings (@troplvweddings) on Jul 28, 2016 at 1:05pm PDT

3. Hip Hip Horay

The kissing couple, the cheering wedding party, the eye-covering flower girl. All of the different elements of this photo are almost too cute for words. You can tell just how happy this group is for the recently wed couple, just as you can tell how in love the two are.

4. Jumping The Bride

You can tell by the suspenders and Converse sneakers that this group likes to have a good time. The bride isn’t even afraid to get down and dirty in her pristine wedding dress! This photo is downright hilarious and perfectly indicative of a happy, fun-loving couple.

5. Coordinated Cuteness

This wedding party may be small but they’re definitely mighty. They used the gorgeous scenery of their wedding location as the backdrop for their adorable photos. We’re not sure how long it took them to get this perfect coordinated jump to work out the right way, but we are definitely impressed that they attempted it in the first place.

6. In the Spirit

There are no coordinated poses or funny faces in this wedding party photo, just unabashed love and happiness. This small wedding party is obviously made up of a group of great friends who couldn’t be happier to come together to celebrate the union of two of their best friends.

Party People! Our Cinema and Photo team had so much fun hanging out with Shelley and Ryan and the gang this weekend #sprouthi #shelleyandryansayido

A photo posted by Sprout by ARIA Studios (@sprouthi) on Mar 24, 2015 at 3:50pm PDT

7. A Thousand Kisses

The slightly scandalised but totally hilarious looks on the wedding party’s faces are classic. They are the adorable, goofy counterparts to the couples’ romance. The only thing better than their faces is the gorgeous scenery behind them.

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8. Romeos & Juliets

Bridesmaids, bridesmaids, where for art thou bridesmaids? This wedding party photo is equal parts creative and cute. The beautiful bridal party lined up along a small balcony and stairs reaching, throwing their bouquets into the crowd of groomsmen below. Not only is it a hilarious spin on traditional wedding festivities, but it makes for a great group photo op as well.

the wedding party. #weddingpartyphoto #sanantoniowedding #sanantonioweddingphotography #weddingpartypose #shylaurelphotography

A photo posted by Shyann Rash (@dearlovely_photography) on Mar 23, 2015 at 4:07pm PDT

9. Model Behavior

Everyone in this group looks like they’re posing for different magazine covers in the best, cutest way possible. The happy couple may be enjoying their fresh nuptials, and while their wedding party is totally happy for them, they’re also fit to sign their own modeling contracts.

10. Goof Troop

Sunglasses, streaming sunlight, and a group full of happy goofs. All of these things make for one memorable wedding photo. This group has all of those elements and more. Your favorite may be the guy trying to bust a move or the deliciously happy bride, but there’s someone new to stare (and chuckle) at every time you look at the photo

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